Why do I Write?

The answer to the question is easy, I enjoy writing, there is another question which is What do I write?

I write assort things years ago I entered a writing contest, in which I had to write about 2,000 words, which was a little daunting

But since the subject was based on an already well-known story, Wind in the Willows, I found that once I decided on my title the story almost wrote itself, in fact, I went over the limit

After finishing the story I entered it into the competition, sadly I didn’t win, but I was bitten by the writing bug

I went on writing press releases in IBOtoolbox, until sadly a little while back I was unable to gain access to my IBO membership, even sadder support on IBO is no longer active, I, therefore, can’t participate there as a writer

Since I can no longer contribute I focus my written content on this blog, although I still comment on YouTube videos

As to the present day, I now will be writing information posts for my revamped blog, which is now a paid hosted website

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Introduction to myself, I’m retired from work married man of 39 years

Sadly I can no longer be a writer on IBOtoolbox, due to the admin and support lady who left to do another thing on another platform, with the result I could not log in

I enjoy listening to assorted music, the 50s-60s ’70s ’80s and classical, love Johann Strauss II waltzes – some well know Opera, even though I don’t understand the words

  • Why am I blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?
  • Answer: I wanted to share my acquired knowledge with others
  • What topics will I be writing about?
  • Answer: Mostly useful or helpful information