Reviewing PDF eBook creation

The main way to produce an eBook (PDF) was by using Microsoft Word, but many were put off by the high price as Word was included with other assorted tools making the complete package expensive What made things worse the use of the Microsoft tools was not a one-off fee, but a renewable yearly feeContinue reading “Reviewing PDF eBook creation”

Can I ask you some questions?

What kind of information did you hope to find on my site? If you are now a follower of my site, what was it that made you want to subscribe? Is there any subject that you would like me to cover within a new article? Are there any new features you would like included onContinue reading “Can I ask you some questions?”

Real Jobs to Do from Home  Note: I am not looking for a job myself, just curious to find out I could find any and pass on information through a Facebook group While on a Facebook page a closed group run by someone else, I came across a lady practically pleading for a real home-based job She was not interestedContinue reading “Real Jobs to Do from Home”

Scammers Everywhere

Scammers use sneaky underhanded methods to gain unaware people’s information Some use auto-dialling phone systems, and pre-recorded messages that only start to play when the unexpected victim speaks There are a number of assorted pre-recorded messages, but all seem to Claim to be from established firms or companies British Telecommunications was one that was usedContinue reading “Scammers Everywhere”

Homebased Work

In these uncertain times more and more people have been forced to choose to work from home, which can create a very nice income while sitting in the comfort of your home. Why would you want to work from home? Because it seems like the perfect fit for many who wish to improve their qualityContinue reading “Homebased Work”

The disadvantages of owning a website

The disadvantages of owning and running a website  The setting up process can be harder than you might imagine, even with drag & Drop sites WordPress has become the number one to use for many people, as they offer a wide choice of templates if you use them for your hosting  As I did withContinue reading “The disadvantages of owning a website”

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliated Link Booster Probably the number one choice of newbies for making money online Mainly because you don’t need any products or services yourself, you also don’t need a website Although owning a website has its advantages even if you are affiliate marketing Clickbank is also the number one choice for those just beginning, dueContinue reading “Affiliate Marketing”

Working from home jobs ideas

Freelancing which is where you work for other people as an independent payable person, with the freedom to choose what kind of work you do Freelance Ideas Most of these ideas can do done through freelancing sites or your own site if you have one or it maybe even eBay Design work, which can coverContinue reading “Working from home jobs ideas”

Help for working from home

Welcome to my new site, only just live online still undergoing alterations and content being added Feel free to comment or offer subjects which you think might be useful to you and other readers Please note all comments will be reviewed before adding to my sites comment section Backlinks maybe allowed at my discretion WorkingContinue reading “Help for working from home”

Why do I Write?

The why question is easy, I enjoy writing, there is another question which is What do I write? I write assort things years ago I entered a writing contest, which I had to write about 2,000 words, that was a little daunting But since the subject was base on a already well know story, WindContinue reading “Why do I Write?”

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