Is your Mindset Holding You Back?

In the past “Think and Grow Rich” was a best-selling book followed by “The Power of Positive Thinking” Then along came “The Secret” video production, which seems to be based on both of those publications, and other positive thinking books Having read a pocket-sized version of The Secret, there was far too much content thatContinue reading “Is your Mindset Holding You Back?”

Advertising Sources

Advertising is the main source of any business whether online or offline, without it, website businesses will die I have been busy creating Smartphone Ready Business Cards complete with QR code There are plenty of websites that offer traffic (visitors) such as “Traffic Exchanges” & “Safelist” and of course, if you have a blog orContinue reading “Advertising Sources”

Affiliate Marketers Need This Site

OfferingTools & Training You Need Including Autoresponder included For upgraded Pro+ Members Now Based on a 100% Commission Essential Information I forgot tomention As an upgraded member, you get to add moreaffiliated banners and advertise with ONE URL! You don’t need a website or blog ofyour own as you can use your unique BABO linkContinue reading “Affiliate Marketers Need This Site”

Affiliate Marketing Ideas

Idea number 1 Join like-minded groups through Facebook you will need to get approved and adhere to their site conditions Idea number 2  Search for other sites that offer commission payments  Clickbank and Amazon are not the only sites offering affiliate commission systems Idea number 3 Make full use of any blog you run orContinue reading “Affiliate Marketing Ideas”

Shortcut Learning

Learning anything can be time consuming, not to mention frustrating as many failures can slow you acquiring the desired skill you may need Buying courses after course without knowing how effective it will be can be just as frustrating, but not if you use this shortcut method Q: So what is the shortcut method? A:Continue reading “Shortcut Learning”

Affiliate Marketer Mistakes

There are many affiliate marketers who use a direct link to a sales page, without even disguising their affiliate link otherwise known as cloaking While using direct links is allowed on traffic exchanges and other traffic sites. it’s doubtful they will gain affiliate commission payments using this method While you can find sites that provideContinue reading “Affiliate Marketer Mistakes”