Why Build a List??

Recently I had a email from Robert Kiyosak author of Rich Dad Poor Dad In the subject was I thought a somewhat strange question Subject: Why Do You Want to be Rich? I actually don’t want to become rich in the sense of becoming a millionaire, but I wanted to earn extra income, due toContinue reading “Why Build a List??”

Don’t Settle for “The New Normal”

In these present days ever since c19 struck, plunging the whole world into chaos.  Where even people who hated their 9-5 jobs before, suddenly wishing everything would get back to the old normal, and they would have their old job to go back too  Only to find restrictions became stricter, forcing them to stay atContinue reading “Don’t Settle for “The New Normal””

“Tie My Shoes”

I was asked by a friend to share this extraordinary Autobiography book “Tie My Shoes” About by Lonnie E. Shipe, born pre-mature with cerebral palsy. Then at the age of forty-two falling in the bathroom and breaking his neck.Sharing his struggles in life, thoughts, situation, and his faith in Jesus. Click the book iamge toContinue reading ““Tie My Shoes””

Why Would You Give Away an eBook?

If you read my previous post What is a e-book? You will have quickly realised just how much work is involved in producing one e-book  In which case why would anyone who has work hard to produce just one e-book and then give it away for Free?  The answer is simple in most cases, to build a mailingContinue reading “Why Would You Give Away an eBook?”

Home-based work 

For those who dislike or are hopeless at recruiting, as most opportunities if not all involve recruiting other in order to gain any income     Most everyday people just want or need to earn some extra cash, and have no knowledge about marketing and likely they don’t want to learn how      In which cases let’s putContinue reading “Home-based work ”