Thinking outside the box

“Thinking outside the box” You may have come across this phrase on your travels through the internet, today I want to explore the meaning Thinking outside the box means thinking differently, unconventionally, or from a different perspective, also innovative or creative thinking With this explanation in mind allow me to explore both points, to thinkContinue reading “Thinking outside the box”

Seen Anything Like This in Your Life?

This Will Help you even if you are an Affiliate Marketer or NEWBIE “You’ve Never Seen Anything Like It in Your Life “is possibly the most memorable song from Dr Dolittle featuring the unique Push You – Pull Me animal which was something that had never been seen before In a similar way, Our SystemContinue reading “Seen Anything Like This in Your Life?”

Personal Review of Jasper AI system

Under Free trialI would get 5 days free but payment card details requiredAfter your trial ends, you will be charged US$49.00 per month starting 31 August 2022 The length of Five days is somewhat mean even tightfisted Cancellation must be submitted before the date stated above The US$49.00 per month is for the Starter package,Continue reading Personal Review of Jasper AI system

Artificial intelligence

Note: I am not affiliated with “Jasper” Artificial intelligence or AI for short with the latest content writer “Jasper” according to the promotion video has read about 10% of the internet and is capable of producing original written content Ideal for bloggers or website owners and perhaps struggling book authors It sounds awesome and veryContinue reading “Artificial intelligence”

Lead Generation

Lead generation is probably the most essential skill to learn for any online business Even if you only promote as an affiliate you need leads that may turn into visitors and hopefully commission payments Learning this important skill can be daunting and you may consider too time-consuming to read through books on the subject WhyContinue reading “Lead Generation”


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Is your Mindset Holding You Back?

In the past “Think and Grow Rich” was a best-selling book followed by “The Power of Positive Thinking” Then along came “The Secret” video production, which seems to be based on both of those publications, and other positive thinking books Having read a pocket-sized version of The Secret, there was far too much content thatContinue reading “Is your Mindset Holding You Back?”