Is your Mindset Holding You Back?

In the past “Think and Grow Rich” was a best-selling book followed by “The Power of Positive Thinking” Then along came “The Secret” video production, which seems to be based on both of those publications, and other positive thinking books Having read a pocket-sized version of The Secret, there was far too much content thatContinue reading “Is your Mindset Holding You Back?”

Shortcut Learning

Learning anything can be time consuming, not to mention frustrating as many failures can slow you acquiring the desired skill you may need Buying courses after course without knowing how effective it will be can be just as frustrating, but not if you use this shortcut method Q: So what is the shortcut method? A:Continue reading “Shortcut Learning”


How to Make A Smile Your Calling Card and Live A Life of PURE JOY!        A NEW YEAR – A NEW ROAD! WHAT is self-improvement? WHY work at it? I have spent a lifetime addressing just those questions. First from the perspective of my business and commercial activities, then in my personal life too. Continue reading “THE ROAD TO JOYFUL LIVING! “

Affiliate Marketer Mistakes

There are many affiliate marketers who use a direct link to a sales page, without even disguising their affiliate link otherwise known as cloaking While using direct links is allowed on traffic exchanges and other traffic sites. it’s doubtful they will gain affiliate commission payments using this method While you can find sites that provideContinue reading “Affiliate Marketer Mistakes”

The Truth About Working at Home

People assume that working from home is for lazy people because they think it is easy! Allow me to start with the rose-tinted version first. You get to choose your own hours of working. You can wake up at a decent hour of the morning or stay up at night working in peace. You getContinue reading “The Truth About Working at Home”

Not All Internet Traffic is Equal !

What good are 1 Million visitors if none of them is interested in your offer, or worse if you get bots instead of real people? It would not just waste time advertising, but also a waste of money! Allows us to provide Top Quality Guaranteed Unlimited & Targeted Website Traffic We, Will, Add Your URLContinue reading “Not All Internet Traffic is Equal !”

Fake Amazon Calls

Fake Amazon Calls. Just this morning I had a phone call from Amazon (Fake)Which only respond when you say hello, not knowing who is phoning Then the automatic recorded text to speech voice, explains that a £300 payment was taken off from your credit/debit card. If you didn’t authorise this payment, please press 1 andContinue reading “Fake Amazon Calls”

Business Cards Updated

Business cards have been used as a direct person to person adverting Until someone developed or had created the proximity app, and demonstrated just how powerful it was, by going into a mobile phone store. With his smartphone loaded with his advert, set to broadcast to every phone that was switched on. As he passedContinue reading “Business Cards Updated”