Introduction to myself, I’m retired from work married man of 39 years

Sadly I can no longer be a writer on IBOtoolbox, due to the admin and support lady who left to do another thing on another platform, with the result I could not log in

I enjoy listening to assorted music, the 50s-60s ’70s ’80s and classical, love Johann Strauss II waltzes – some well know Opera, even though I don’t understand the words

  • Why am I blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?
  • Answer: I wanted to share my acquired knowledge with others
  • What topics will I be writing about?
  • Answer: Mostly useful or helpful information



Affiliates Marketers Chosen Sites

When it comes to affiliate marketing many affiliates think of only a few websites to help them earn commission payments

Some affiliates will just stick to using one website when there are many other sites that welcome affiliates

ClickBankFor people wanting to promote digital products such as eBooks & courses then ClickBank is the go-to site for that. Generally, digital products have higher product margins since there are no shipping or handling fees and as a result, several of the products on ClickBank pay out huge commissions. There are products on there to suit almost any niche, but there are a few on there that I’ve found to be lacking value.

Commission Junction – This works hand in hand with ClickBank which means if you are already a ClickBank affiliate the CJ platform will enhance your success

eBay Partner NetworkAgain, just like the Amazon program that was mentioned above – this is not a network, but an affiliate program in itself. It’s most likely already aware of how huge eBay is so having the ability to earn commissions by promoting products through eBay is a great opportunity which is why I have listed it

Amazon AssociatesThis is an affiliate program in itself as opposed to a network, but the reason I listed it is that it’s so huge. By joining the Amazon affiliate program (named Amazon Associates) you have the ability to promote nearly enough all products through the whole Amazon network, which can be an amazing opportunity depending on your niche.

Amazon affiliate problems:

 Amazon cookie only lasts 24 hours unlike 30 days with other programs. This means that your prospect will need to make a purchase within 24 hours of clicking your link for you to be credited a commission for the sale.

Warning: Amazon will remove you as their affiliate if you have not gained any sales within a month!

Amazon & Clickbank include a warning of your affiliate status, decreasing your chances of earning commission

Profitable Work at Home Business

Let’s face it if you are starting a business of any kind, you really want to be as sure as possible that it will be profitable

Part of the staying power of a home-based business it MUST be able to make You Profit as quickly as possible and Ideally with No travelling!

Because once travelling becomes part of your business, it becomes no longer a work-at-home business

What type of work can be done without leaving home?

Basically, anything you can do through the internet, using a personal computer or tablet or Smartphone

List of work using any of the devices listed above

Writing – articles – reports

eBooks with the aid of Canva

Logo design creation

Create videos

Create artwork with or without devices

Create tee-shirt designs

Real-life voiceovers

Teach others a skill you are confident enough with to teach others

Any of the above ideas are suitable for home-based work and have the potential to be profitable

Will any business will prove to be profitable?

 Before venturing into any business thorough research is needed, also you need to commit to continuing with your full dedication and attention

You can’t afford to chop & change or quit if you truly desire to succeed

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The Secret Marketing Tool

Note this short post is part of unfinished my new book if you would be interested in gaining my book to read the full contents. You will need to request in the comments

This information will be of use to all online marketers especially those who own & use a Smartphone

 Far too many gurus make full use of sales funnels

You know the kind of page you are presented with an intriguing offer that sounds easy and to make it more tempting the price is so low they are practically giving it away

The price is set somewhere about $7 to $17 on average, and quite often there is a “Wait Don’t Go” dropdown annulment to drag you back into the funnel

Since the price is so low for all you are getting you will tend to buy whatever it is, only to have a “One time offer” pop up

I don’t know about you but I am fed up with those kinds of funnels, which lead me to think of alternative marketing tools

I started by looking at all the tools that were used before funnels were invented

 One of the oldest methods was the “Mail Order” system which involved buying a mailing list and creating a one-page sales copy

With a name & address space at the bottom for those who wanted either more information

In this high tec world, this might surprise you that some marketers still use is “Mail Order” system with a slight variation of including a hyperlink to type into a browser

Since I still receive this kind of “Mail Order” letter I guess this system still works

If I were to consider using the “Mail Order” system, it would need updating with modern-day technology.

Reviews Wanted

To all followers of my website blog, I would appreciate your honest reviews of my site and the contents, reviews can add through the comments underneath each post and please also share on social sites

Adding general feedback comments as this will encourage me to continue producing content, including a response to requests for new subjects you would like covered

Thank you in advance

Wasting Your Adverting Budget?

A common mistake website owners make is paying for traffic that takes visitors to their website

This mistake is also copied by affiliate marketers who use their affiliated link which then goes directly to the vendor (the owner of the product or service page!

Big mistake!

Why are both of these practices such a big mistake?

Any website owner will be eager to show off their website, especially if they have items for sale

The mistake of sending visitors (traffic) directly to their website, is websites have too many distractions with menus offering the visitor too many choices

Even a sales page will not be cost-effective, as most people dislike having things no matter how good being sold to them

A similar problem happens to affiliate marketers who advert their direct link, firstly by not masking/cloaking/hiding their link they stand little chance of gaining any sales

As most people dislike having things no matter how good being sold to them, plus the affiliate has no way of tracking results and no way of building a mailing list by using the direct link approach

Even if these two groups use free advertising using the same approach as mentioned, they will waste their efforts and time

As time is money, it’s best to learn how & what to promote with the right tools

Join as a FREE member to gain access to weekly live training

You will however need to upgrade to at least a Silver Member to gain access to the tools

Thinking outside the box

“Thinking outside the box”

You may have come across this phrase on your travels through the internet, today I want to explore the meaning

Thinking outside the box means thinking differently, unconventionally, or from a different perspective, also innovative or creative thinking

With this explanation in mind allow me to explore both points, to think differently, unconventionally, or from a new perspective

By looking at everything more carefully even if it appears as if there is no other way of using or explaining whatever the subject or item or opportunity 

If you are an author, you need a creative nature or at least develop one, so thinking out of the box becomes a necessity

What about the Entrepreneur?   

All Entrepreneurs also need to go beyond the limitation of all boxes, in order to become the unique others will want to emulate

Out-of-the-box thinking may be of more importance to this type of person – The Newbie as they are just starting out on a new venture with no qualifications or experience

The Affiliate Marketer, they are slightly ahead of the newbie, as they will have already some experience

Both the newbie and the affiliate marketer need restricting boxes to begin with, but in order to grow they will need to move beyond what they know and use

By gaining new and fresh information they will stimulate their minds, with thoughts that may allow them to break free of any restricting box

Example: Rewording adverts in their own style or constructing their own unique versions

This is something I have been doing for some time, by creating “one-liner” adverts, doing this allows a fresh look to otherwise repetitive ads that have been seen many times before

On the subject of advertising, I decided to make use of an assortment of my press releases and produce a give-away eBook, with no details required

I intend to allow anyone who downloads it, I may even allow them to sell it if they know how and keep all the money or give it away to build a list

As part of the process of compiling the book, I will add affiliate-linked banner adverts and other links, which allows for a Win-Win situation, benefiting others and myself

I also have other variations of the above idea buzzing around in my mind, message me if you’re interested, I’m willing to share


10 Reasons why having the right mindset is important

You Should Never Stop Learning

1. The world is always changing. What was relevant yesterday might not be relevant today. By continuously learning, you can keep up with the latest trends and technologies.

2. In order to keep your brain active and sharp. Learning new things gives your brain a workout and helps prevent cognitive decline as you age.

3. This also makes you more well-rounded and interesting. If you’re only knowledgeable about one thing, you are limiting yourself and in turn, may not be very interesting to talk to. But if you’re always learning new things, you’ll be able to hold your own in any conversation.

4. Mindset matters. How you think about yourself and your abilities has a big impact on your success.

5. A growth mindset leads to greater success than a fixed mindset. People with a growth mindset believe that they can improve with effort, whereas people with a fixed mindset believe that their abilities are set in stone.

6. Your brain is like a muscle – the more you use it, the stronger it gets. Keep challenging yourself mentally and push yourself outside your comfort zone to keep growing.

7. A positive outlook can lead to better health outcomes. Studies have shown people with a positive outlook on life tend to live longer and have fewer health problems than those with a negative outlook.

8.  Believe in yourself – if you don’t believe in your own abilities, it will be tough to achieve anything.

9. Be persistent – never give up on your dreams, no matter how difficult they may seem at times.

10, Learn from your mistakes – instead of beating yourself up over them, use them as learning opportunities to improve in the future.  

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Personal Review of Jasper AI system

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