Introduction to myself, I’m a retired from work married man of 38 years

I’m a writer of blog articles and press releses at IBOtoolbox

I enjoy listen to assorted music, 50’s -60’s 70’s 80’s and classical, love Johann Strauss II waltzes – some well know Opera, even though I don’t understand the words

  • Why am I blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?
  • Answer: I wanted to share my aquired knowldge with others
  • What topics will I be writing about?
  • Answer: Mostly useful or helpful information



Frustrated with Making Money Online?

You keep trying to get started making money online, only to get more frustrated with all those exaggerated adverts and emails, that claim “Push button simple” or “Done for you” systems

If everything I had downloaded or installed were to be real bulky items, my computer would be bursting at the seams, battered like this one below

It seems like there is nothing that lives up to the promises that are made, that’s the way I felt

Until I came across BABO, (build a biz online) which turn out to be outstanding value for such a small monthly fee

In return provided a wide assortment of helpful tools, including an autoresponder for Pro+ members, ready built splash pages (easy adaptable to suit whatever you are promoting)

Along with all of the above there is support and a text chat feature

Even affiliate marketers can make use of this wonderful site, without having to own a website!

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Run Your 5 Solo Ads For ONE Full Year

Solo adverts are the best form of advertising, but they can be expensive, mainly because they Work so well

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Hosted by WordPress

Even then I chose free hosting, one the disadvantage is you have WordPress in the URL

It wasn’t until many years later, I chose a domain and a paid hosting through WordPress

Even though I didn’t get access to the plugin feature, which I thought I would

Disappointed though I was, I just got on with adding written content, only to discover later I could upload and add my own videos as well as images

Rather than adding them to YouTube, which has the downside of adding “YouTube” onto all videos

Whereas since I own my own hosted site, I can have my videos free of their logo title

In affect I now have the option of converting my site into a video-based site

Another plus is I’m able to display any advert I want, using uploaded banner images with added affiliated link

On further investigation, I discovered it was possible to add HTML code which then inserts all the needed information in one copy & paste

Money vs Information

If you were asked, which would you prefer, Money or Information?

 I expect most viewers to that question would say MONEY

After all that’s why I started online in the first place, you may add

I have to agree, as making money was my only reason for coming online, but it turns out making money online is Not as easy as it seems, unlike all those flashy adverts

Offering Instant riches or Push button simple systems, which you can’t gain access to until you enter you details, to gain the requested information

One of the reasons I started my Free information website, was provide Noe cost information

Not that I don’t also add adverts on my site that require personal information, as this hopefully may lead to support the running cost of my site

While money is much sort after, I now think that Information is of Higher value

As the value of actual money rises and falls frequently, even within a day

You only have to look at price of food these days, compared to only a few years back

Let alone more expensive items such as cars and petrol to run them

Whereas Information can increase in value, by teaching you something you don’t know “How to Do” or guiding you into a new and potential profitable skill

Information can also guide you away from scams, or unprofitable ventures

The actual process of learning from information, can boost your brain power, both capacity and memory, and may stave of the effects of Alzheimer’s

Never stop Learning, by keeping your mind Active and thirsting for new information

100% Automatic Done for You systems?

While the title and explanation of what is offered may sound very appealing

Through many emails and advert when online, I have come across many variations of so called “Done for You” systems

One common feature apart from the eye-catching title, is the main reason behind offer

Which in most case has been acquiring names and email addresses (building a marketing list) which they are then able recommend (sell other iems to anyone on their list

The common feature has been those who offer “Done for You” system is affiliated linked to whatever they are promoting, within the “Done for You” system”

So, for them it’s a “Win – Win” situation for them, they get to build their list and get others working for them, increasing their chances of becoming a super affiliate, and therefore increased income

 The 100% Done for You, is a nonsense statement, as even if you join of one these “100% Done for You” systems and gain money, you will have Done some WORK, therefore you have deleted at least one percentage off that 100% that was supposed to do everything for you

Free Gift

As my Christmas gift to all my readers I include her my completely Free eBook for you to download

Please revisit my site and leave a comment after you have read through my book

Which is in PDF format, if you don’t have a reader for PDF, you can read it through most browser or download Adobe reader which is still free


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FREE Affiliate Products Templates

Affiliate marketing., have you heard of it.?

You may have even tried it with or without success., affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to earn a income which can turn into a passive income.

In fact, many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs started out utilizing affiliate marketing and many still use it along with the businesses they already run.

 Exactly what is an affiliate marketing.

Allow me to explain, essentially, it’s advertising other people’s products and services in exchange for commission.

So, as the affiliate, you’ll advertise specific products you come across when you have searched on places like Clickbank

and preferably like, and each time someone makes a purchase using the link you provide, you’ll make a small profit.

Although affiliated marketing is less complicated than running a business, it still requires consistent work and the knowledge of how to promote correctly

As a pre-Christmas present, to help all would be super affiliates a collection of affiliate marketing templates to aid you make more sales and commissions

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Weaknesses vs Strengths

We all have both weaknesses and strengths to some measure, some people have more weaknesses than strengths, or at least they convince themselves this is true

This worst case of self-pity, as it will sink any hope, hinder any attempt to change

If you are prone to this way of thinking, then you need to read this and put all the instructions into action

First step of action

Take a large writing pad and ballpoint pen and write down all your weaknesses, and list them under Negative

Don’t worry if there are many, just be honest and list them all. Don’t feel bad or disheartened

When your unable to think of any more, start on your strengths, List under Positive

You may find this part more difficult, but don’t be put off take your time

Even if this means having frequent breaks, and restarting at a later date (days if need be)

Make sure you list any new skills you have recently acquired on the positive side

Also, any subjects you are interested in, as they may provide you with new avenues of skills

 For a brief wile go back to the negative list, and with a small notepad add ideas of how you could change a weakness into a strength or Google search how other people turned that weakness into a strength

Jot down on the positive side any solutions others came up with, or if you overcome a weakness yourself, so that you might be able to offer support or help to others, this then becomes a new positive strength

Going through this process may give you a glimpse of a brighter future to come, if not the actual starting point of a brand-new character-building future

Important Tools for the would-be successful Affiliate Marketer

Although affiliate marketing is meant to be the easiest and most effective ways to earn money online, sadly this is misleading.

While the experienced affiliate market has already reached an enviable status of success

But their success was not gained without many trial & errors, repeated efforts and a great amount of time spent refining (tweaking their system)

Important Tool #1: Your Own Website

Even a total newbie to affiliate marketing, will stand a far better chance of success, owning their own website

Although these days there many alternatives, such as setting up a Facebook page or better still Facebook membership group

What to Avoid

Never go for a Free hosted website, as this looks far from professional, a Free WordPress blog looks better, and more acceptable than one with a URL like this made up example “chosenname,freehostingUK.com”

Why don’t most affiliate marketers want to own a Website?

1: First of all, their mindset is if I’m promoting other people’s services or products through their sites, then I don’t need a website

2: Websites also require a domain name, both of these have ongoing costs

3: There are too many things to learn and remember when running a website

These are just three examinations frequently used, as to why affiliates do go for website owning

Whether or not Own Website dislike this idea, without their own site failure is more likely tan success, because they are treating their marketing as a hobby and not as a business

Therefore, the first step in any successful affiliate marketing business is building a good, credible and professional looking website.

 The website is the important starting point for all your marketing efforts, as it can be used for views or press releases of whatever you intend to promote

While always including your hidden affiliate link, which you can easily do within the review

Wherever possible acquire a free copy of the product you intend to promote, buy if need be as then you can give a honest review (perhaps no too honest) just point out the good points and some of the bad points too, which will gain you more credibility

Although it will be more profitable to find products that live up to the claims made and offer ongoing support

Whatever else you do make your website full of original, relevant and useful content.

Keep in mind that, in the internet, content is still king and good quality content which will build your credibility, and help you achieve a higher search engine ranking.

To be Continued ……..


More Powerful than The Secret!

YouTube the most visited and used video site, with thousands of video creators, with likley even more who just enjoy watching video

Some of those who create videos, rank high with their channels, and have acquired a substantial income, although this may not be the reason behind why they continue to create videos

There those who add a Link to their website or blog within the description

In this way they are promoting their website for free, every time they create a video

Other video creators hide all their videos from public viewers, because they run a membership only site, and only use YouTube to host their videos

Many creators have taken to advertising on traffice exchanges, by requsting those viewing adverts to like and comment on their video, in return they gain advertising with the exchange they promote

I’m unsure this method really works to gain new views or subscribers to their channel

I found a video creator who advertises with a direct link to individual video, in hopes visitors from the exchange will watch and like the video


^ eBook series that speak ^ This channel has uploaded a great many video on a variety of subjects, the only drawback is many use a computer-generated voice-over, which you may find it irritating

But curtesy of YouTube a Transcript is provided, which helps

More recent video have a real person commentating on them, which makes the a lot more pleasant to watch and listen to

I wonder if the person uploading these ebooks and converts them to speak, has permision (right) to use the contents in this way

If you check out any of this channels videos, let me know what you think in the comments

Do the computer-generated voice anoy you? Did you watch the whole vido?