Don’t Settle for “The New Normal”

In these present days ever since c19 struck, plunging the whole world into chaos. 

Where even people who hated their 9-5 jobs before, suddenly wishing everything would get back to the old normal, and they would have their old job to go back too 

Only to find restrictions became stricter, forcing them to stay at home, but in many cases their homes came under threat 

Perhaps you have been fortunate enough to avoid such situations, but you may still be finding it difficult to manage with your income due to rising costs 

If you are like countless millions who have tried manifestation using tools like “The Power of Positive Thinking” or “The Secret” you probably have been disappointed with the results 

That’s if you managed to wade through somewhat confusing instructions, that seem to miss out vital information, leaving no better off than when you started  

 If you truly desire to radical change in your life for the bettrer, help is at hand with

The Manifestation Millionaire

So new it’s not on the general internet market, YET!   

The Manifestation Millionaire offers a 60-day money back Guarantee  

Why settle for the New Normal? When you can literally warp jump into your Brighter self-directed future, with The Manifestation Millionaire 

“Tie My Shoes”

I was asked by a friend to share this extraordinary Autobiography book “Tie My Shoes”

About by Lonnie E. Shipe, born pre-mature with cerebral palsy. Then at the age of forty-two falling in the bathroom and breaking his neck.
Sharing his struggles in life, thoughts, situation, and his faith in Jesus.

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Having read his book, I recommend it as a worthwhile read.

Please consider buying this book and support his ongoing struggles

Why Would You Give Away an eBook?

If you read my previous post What is a e-book?

You will have quickly realised just how much work is involved in producing one e-book 

In which case why would anyone who has work hard to produce just one e-book and then give it away for Free? 

The answer is simple in most cases, to build a mailing list of readers whom you might be able turn into buyers 

But there is more to giving away your carefully crafted eBook, by giving it away for free without requiring email details, sets you apart from other marketers 

By giving away something of high value you will set yourself as a generous marketer and a knowledgeable Guru, increasing trust in all visitors 

If dislike the amount of research and production work that goes into producing e-books, then go to my “Services” page, where I offer a complete done for you e-book 

Home-based work 

For those who dislike or are hopeless at recruiting, as most opportunities if not all involve recruiting other in order to gain any income  

  Most everyday people just want or need to earn some extra cash, and have no knowledge about marketing and likely they don’t want to learn how     

In which cases let’s put all biz ops to one side, and setting up websites or starting a business  

   Let’s pretend nobody owns a pc or laptop, smartphones etc, is there anything those seeking extra income could do without the normal accepted devices     

In fact, let’s do a bit of time travel back in time, way before all of those items including the internet were invented     

Smart people of the day used typewriters to write instruction manuals, and photocopy the finished master copy  

   Then advertised in local newspapers, in the classified section, offering free information which was most times a well-crafted advert sheet, and explaining what’s involved without  giving too much away  

With a space for name and address details and instructions of the payment and cost, the payment was normally asked for postal order or cheque or even cash! 

The whole system was known as “Mail order” as everything was processed through mail delivery post, later to be nicknamed “Snail mail” 

Even though the mail order system is outdated, some online marketers still use the mail order system and snail mail to promote online offers

What is an e-book?

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e-book is a eltric book which can be read onassortment of devices

Adobe invented the PDF, portable document format, making the finished document easy to share Later on the PDF become the first e-book, and the same system became widely used and still in use today 

Creating e-books 

To begin creating e-books you will need a word processor, such as Microsoft Word or Open Office 

The next step after opening up the software and a blank document, it to type in some content 

The other alternative is to make us of any PRL articles you may have, if you use this method, it is advisable to rewrite it into your own style and words 

At the very least alter the title and rearrange some of the sentences, making sure it still makes sense 

Inserting images can help to break the document up, be sure you have the right to use all images used, if you don’t have any, I the site below that allow you to use the images under creative common’s licence 

Recommended  Pixabay License  

Free for commercial use  
No attribution required 

Of course, if you are artistic talented you could design your own using a paint type of software, or a graphic creation software, which ever method you decide on, to make the finished book look professional always add a cover image, one that identifies with the subject 

The book: 

Having decided on what your book is going to be about and either written or rewrote the contents and the images, you will need to turn it into a PDF 

Which is easy enough to do with Word, just one of the productive tools of Microsoft suite, though expressive, the other option is Open Office 

This has a similar assortment of tools, offered as a Free download, although donation support is appreciated 

The final stages of producing an e-book will be having somewhere to hosted it, this is so it will be online for downloading, after payment for which you will need a payment processor 

Unless you intend to give it away for FREE! 

“Why would you give your e-book away?

Feel free to comment, your feedback is important to me

Frustrated with Making Money Online?

You keep trying to get started making money online, only to get more frustrated with all those exaggerated adverts and emails, that claim “Push button simple” or “Done for you” systems

If everything I had downloaded or installed were to be real bulky items, my computer would be bursting at the seams, battered like this one below

It seems like there is nothing that lives up to the promises that are made, that’s the way I felt

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Along with all of the above there is support and a text chat feature

Even affiliate marketers can make use of this wonderful site, without having to own a website!

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Hosted by WordPress

Even then I chose free hosting, one the disadvantage is you have WordPress in the URL

It wasn’t until many years later, I chose a domain and a paid hosting through WordPress

Even though I didn’t get access to the plugin feature, which I thought I would

Disappointed though I was, I just got on with adding written content, only to discover later I could upload and add my own videos as well as images

Rather than adding them to YouTube, which has the downside of adding “YouTube” onto all videos

Whereas since I own my own hosted site, I can have my videos free of their logo title

In affect I now have the option of converting my site into a video-based site

Another plus is I’m able to display any advert I want, using uploaded banner images with added affiliated link

On further investigation, I discovered it was possible to add HTML code which then inserts all the needed information in one copy & paste

Money vs Information

If you were asked, which would you prefer, Money or Information?

 I expect most viewers to that question would say MONEY

After all that’s why I started online in the first place, you may add

I have to agree, as making money was my only reason for coming online, but it turns out making money online is Not as easy as it seems, unlike all those flashy adverts

Offering Instant riches or Push button simple systems, which you can’t gain access to until you enter you details, to gain the requested information

One of the reasons I started my Free information website, was provide Noe cost information

Not that I don’t also add adverts on my site that require personal information, as this hopefully may lead to support the running cost of my site

While money is much sort after, I now think that Information is of Higher value

As the value of actual money rises and falls frequently, even within a day

You only have to look at price of food these days, compared to only a few years back

Let alone more expensive items such as cars and petrol to run them

Whereas Information can increase in value, by teaching you something you don’t know “How to Do” or guiding you into a new and potential profitable skill

Information can also guide you away from scams, or unprofitable ventures

The actual process of learning from information, can boost your brain power, both capacity and memory, and may stave of the effects of Alzheimer’s

Never stop Learning, by keeping your mind Active and thirsting for new information

100% Automatic Done for You systems?

While the title and explanation of what is offered may sound very appealing

Through many emails and advert when online, I have come across many variations of so called “Done for You” systems

One common feature apart from the eye-catching title, is the main reason behind offer

Which in most case has been acquiring names and email addresses (building a marketing list) which they are then able recommend (sell other iems to anyone on their list

The common feature has been those who offer “Done for You” system is affiliated linked to whatever they are promoting, within the “Done for You” system”

So, for them it’s a “Win – Win” situation for them, they get to build their list and get others working for them, increasing their chances of becoming a super affiliate, and therefore increased income

 The 100% Done for You, is a nonsense statement, as even if you join of one these “100% Done for You” systems and gain money, you will have Done some WORK, therefore you have deleted at least one percentage off that 100% that was supposed to do everything for you