Working from home jobs ideas

Freelancing which is where you work for other people as an independent payable person, with the freedom to choose what kind of work you do

Freelance Ideas

Most of these ideas can do done through freelancing sites or your own site if you have one or it maybe even eBay

Design work, which can cover banner or adverts creation

Writing service, for those who lack the time or skill to compose original content for blogs or website and even eBooks

Music composition creating original music tracks for website owners, or even a complete song to sell to budding singers or groups

Local based work at home ideas

These ideas involve traveling from your home to your customers home, and back afterwards, a small van would be needed with a sign on the side with your service you offer and phone number

This will act as an advert wherever you travel, printed business card will add a professional touch

Gardening service where you offer to tidy up other people’s gardens, mowing grass, trimming bushes, or planting out shrubs / bushes / trees / bulbs

Painting and decorating, you will need to suitable equipment, paint brushes / overalls / paint rollers /paste board, depending on the fulness of the service you offer

You will also need a professional style van to carry the required tools for whatever work has been ordered, the van should also have professional sign on both sides, as mobile advertisement

Dog walking service, only If you are keen on walking and like dogs, no special tools required, you could use your normal car for traveling, although using a professional sytle van will give a business impression

Business card will still be useful for advertising., leave a few with satisfied customers, ask them to pass them onto any friends with dogs

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Help for working from home

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Working from home what’s involved

The first important point to note, is you will become self-employed and your own boss

Which may sound awesome as you can set your own working hours, but this may then involve working more than the average 9 – 5 hours

You also have to pay yourself, but possibly well after paying all expenses, which means your wages might have to set your own wages at a lower rate than when you were working 9 – 5 a job

Working hours will need to be set, along with frequent breaks need to be included

Depending what kind of work you decide to do from home, you may need to make. such as designating one room in your house purley for work

Especially if the work you decide on requires office space, also needing office equipment such as a desk and a comfortable chair, when many hours of sitting is required

You may also need a PC or laptop and printer, if only for order details – invoices and bill printing,  and since you will need to do frequent research you will need reliable internet connection

Assorted software to enable you to run your business efficiently, plus printing paper – notbook or notepads  or sticky notes – biro-ballpoint pens for jotting phone numbers or ideas or even website login information as backup in case of virus infection to you PC or Laptop

You may decide on having a dedicated landline phone just for business working hours only, but a mobile or smartphone could be use instead, since the numbers tend to be long and impressive, so they lend themselves to a business appearance

The plus to using either mobile or Smartphone is they can be taken with you when you travel away from home, saving the need for answering service

But should never when you are driving a car

One advantage of using a Smartphone is you also run your business using them, including researching and adding content

Ideas for what work you could do at home Coming Soon

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Why do I Write?

The why question is easy, I enjoy writing, there is another question which is What do I write?

I write assort things years ago I entered a writing contest, which I had to write about 2,000 words, that was a little daunting

But since the subject was base on a already well know story, Wind int the Willows, I found that once I desided on my title the story almost wrot itself, in fact I went over the limit

After finishing the story I entered it into the competion, sadly I didn’t win, but I was bitten with the writing bug

I went onto writing press releases in IBOtoolbox, which I still do

I comment on other blog or press releases at IBOtoolbox, and sometimes comment on YouTube video

As to the present day, I now will be writing information posts for my revamped blog, which is now a paid hosted website


Introduction to myself, I’m a retired from work married man of 38 years

I’m a writer of blog articles and press releses at IBOtoolbox

I enjoy listen to assorted music, 50’s -60’s 70’s 80’s and classical, love Johann Strauss II waltzes – some well know Opera, even though I don’t understand the words

  • Why am I blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?
  • Answer: I wanted to share my aquired knowldge with others
  • What topics will I be writing about?
  • Answer: Mostly useful or helpful information