Wasting Your Adverting Budget?

A common mistake website owners make is paying for traffic that takes visitors to their website

This mistake is also copied by affiliate marketers who use their affiliated link which then goes directly to the vendor (the owner of the product or service page!

Big mistake!

Why are both of these practices such a big mistake?

Any website owner will be eager to show off their website, especially if they have items for sale

The mistake of sending visitors (traffic) directly to their website, is websites have too many distractions with menus offering the visitor too many choices

Even a sales page will not be cost-effective, as most people dislike having things no matter how good being sold to them

A similar problem happens to affiliate marketers who advert their direct link, firstly by not masking/cloaking/hiding their link they stand little chance of gaining any sales

As most people dislike having things no matter how good being sold to them, plus the affiliate has no way of tracking results and no way of building a mailing list by using the direct link approach

Even if these two groups use free advertising using the same approach as mentioned, they will waste their efforts and time

As time is money, it’s best to learn how & what to promote with the right tools

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