PDF eBook creation

The main way to produce an eBook (PDF) was by using Microsoft Word, but many were put off by the high price as Word was included with other assorted tools making the complete package expensive

What made things worse the use of the Microsoft tools was not a one-off fee, but a renewable yearly fee

Open Office gained many Microsoft customers since Open Office was FREE to download and use, and offers Free updates that still available

Their version of Word operates in the same way for typing out documents, apart from saving them as a OBT file, rather than a Doc file

Although if you have Word docs, Open Office will open them, which a little odd but useful

Once you are happy and finished with your lengthy article and ready to turn it into a PDF, Open Office will allow you to “export” as a PDF or eBook

Note: All images need to be inserted while as a document, before the PDF procedure

As to eBook production sites, I have test two sites: &

Out these two I prefer the “Designer” one as the templates are less cluttered compared to Scribble platform, with all the templates pages over colourful

While searching for the sites I have used, I came across this site which is designed to export blog posts contents and turn into a readable eBook


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