Why Bother Learning skills?

With any skill, you can provide value which can in turn lead to others paying you money

While it is true the more skills you learn, the more values you can then provide.

It is advisable to choose just one new skill and acquire all the knowledge to become an expert in that subject before moving on to a new subject

For example, subjects are often referred to as niches these are focused subjects
In the case of internet marketing, you can learn how to build a blog, how to do copywriting, how to build a list etc, and you can teach these skills and build more followers.

Once you can identify problems within your chosen niche, having acquired knowledge you should be able to provide solutions for each problem

With every solution, you will be adding value which in turn will bring in paying customers

Do you know how to find out what is Trending?

Finding out will not only give you new ideas but also help you ways to help others and in the process increase your potential income

Google Trends used to be helpful in finding profitable niches, but having recently tested it out, I found no help at all

I will update this information if and when I find another website that helps

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Retired Blog & article & press releases writer & story writer Amateur drawing / painting Artist

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