Affiliates Marketers Chosen Sites

When it comes to affiliate marketing many affiliates think of only a few websites to help them earn commission payments

Some affiliates will just stick to using one website when there are many other sites that welcome affiliates

ClickBankFor people wanting to promote digital products such as eBooks & courses then ClickBank is the go-to site for that. Generally, digital products have higher product margins since there are no shipping or handling fees and as a result, several of the products on ClickBank pay out huge commissions. There are products on there to suit almost any niche, but there are a few on there that I’ve found to be lacking value.

Commission Junction – This works hand in hand with ClickBank which means if you are already a ClickBank affiliate the CJ platform will enhance your success

eBay Partner NetworkAgain, just like the Amazon program that was mentioned above – this is not a network, but an affiliate program in itself. It’s most likely already aware of how huge eBay is so having the ability to earn commissions by promoting products through eBay is a great opportunity which is why I have listed it

Amazon AssociatesThis is an affiliate program in itself as opposed to a network, but the reason I listed it is that it’s so huge. By joining the Amazon affiliate program (named Amazon Associates) you have the ability to promote nearly enough all products through the whole Amazon network, which can be an amazing opportunity depending on your niche.

Amazon affiliate problems:

 Amazon cookie only lasts 24 hours unlike 30 days with other programs. This means that your prospect will need to make a purchase within 24 hours of clicking your link for you to be credited a commission for the sale.

Warning: Amazon will remove you as their affiliate if you have not gained any sales within a month!

Amazon & Clickbank include a warning of your affiliate status, decreasing your chances of earning a commission

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