The Secret Marketing Tool

Note this short post is part of unfinished my new book if you would be interested in gaining my book to read the full contents. You will need to request in the comments

This information will be of use to all online marketers especially those who own & use a Smartphone

 Far too many gurus make full use of sales funnels

You know the kind of page you are presented with an intriguing offer that sounds easy and to make it more tempting the price is so low they are practically giving it away

The price is set somewhere about $7 to $17 on average, and quite often there is a “Wait Don’t Go” dropdown annulment to drag you back into the funnel

Since the price is so low for all you are getting you will tend to buy whatever it is, only to have a “One time offer” pop up

I don’t know about you but I am fed up with those kinds of funnels, which lead me to think of alternative marketing tools

I started by looking at all the tools that were used before funnels were invented

 One of the oldest methods was the “Mail Order” system which involved buying a mailing list and creating a one-page sales copy

With a name & address space at the bottom for those who wanted either more information

In this high tec world, this might surprise you that some marketers still use is “Mail Order” system with a slight variation of including a hyperlink to type into a browser

Since I still receive this kind of “Mail Order” letter I guess this system still works

If I were to consider using the “Mail Order” system, it would need updating with modern-day technology.

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