Artificial intelligence

Note: I am not affiliated with “Jasper”

Artificial intelligence or AI for short with the latest content writer “Jasper” according to the promotion video has read about 10% of the internet and is capable of producing original written content

Ideal for bloggers or website owners and perhaps struggling book authors

It sounds awesome and very tempting to test drive the system, especially with the 10,000 words free offer, but since I have a passion for writing and sharing my experiences

Using the Jasper AI system would seem like cheating and might make me feel redundant

Although in recent years I began using the free version of “Grammarly” which has improved my lack of writing grammar.

On the whole, I allow Grammarly” to improve that lack of knowhow, but there are times when I totally disagree with the replacement of “myself” for “me” even if this makes better grammar

Will I use Jasper to write blog content?

I probably will not use Jasper for my blog content, since I get pleasure and a buzz from accepting the ongoing challenge of producing new content for my website/blog

But it might be worth joining as a free user for other projects, and testing the system out for myself

What do my readers think? Would you use Jasper for blogging content?

Feel free to reply by using the “Comments”

Just in case you want to test out Jasper for yourself

Reminder: I’m Not affiliated with the Jasper programme

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Lead Generation

Lead generation is probably the most essential skill to learn for any online business

Even if you only promote as an affiliate you need leads that may turn into visitors and hopefully commission payments

Learning this important skill can be daunting and you may consider too time-consuming to read through books on the subject

Why not take up this Free video set offer to teach you?

This is a series of videos all about Lead generation that will show you how to build a list.
It is divided into 3 modules, which are the following:
Module 1: This covers lead magnet
Module 2: This covers landing page design
Module 3: Covers traffic and optimisation

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Clickbank Problem

Is it just me or has anyone else had this problem?

I have used Clickbank as an affiliate for quite some while when I set up my affiliate account through Hotmail. But over time lost my logging-in details, mainly my password

I then requested a reset password using my Hotmail and waited. NOTHING happened!

I thought it might be a Hotmail fault, so I created another Clickbank account this time using a Gmail account, which seemed more complicated than I remember Clickbank being

I had to enter a valid telephone number, which only worked if the correct country code was selected first, which was not mentioned in any instructions

Next, a high-level secure password which had to include at least 2 symbols such as $ & # and others

When all of this was done, I was instructed I needed to read the terms of service

WARNING there is an AWFUL lot, most of which are very legalistic and hard to understand

Just to frustrate me even more, there were links within this LONG document which took me to yet another lengthy policy page

After much time and frustration of re-entering information, I was able to click the CONTINUE button

Only to find there was a piece of information I was not asked for and that was a NICKNAME!

Eager to get into my new account I let the missing nickname thing slip

I went to the Clickbank website once again as I had set up my account my details were already there ready for me to log in

But yet again I was informed I had entered the wrong nickname or email or that my details were not recognised!!!

 Is it just me or has anyone else had this problem?

Please use the comments and respond to this cry for help article


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DOES everyone have independent thoughts?

WHY are some people more independence minded than others?

IS there a secret to knowing your own mind and standing up for your rights and beliefs?

I say – ‘YES’, ‘YES’ and ‘YES’!

My extraordinary story of life as just ‘an ordinary guy’ who has profited from a lifetime of determinedly being my own man, describes how it’s done with quick and simple ways to practically transform yourself from being one of the crowd into an independently assertive hero bossing your own thoughts and opinions.

As an entrepreneur I have lived a lifetime of independent self-determination, of making my own way in the world, of being my own boss. I live a life free of intellectual or physical interference, propaganda and mindless chatter. Very few possess similar experience.

Because I Feel Like It!’ is my account of how I tackle the challenge of being my own man, of being determinedly independent in thought and action. With professional insights, personal views and fun stories, I show how my observations, real life experiences and conclusions will help you to do likewise.

next colum ….

… continued

Whether you are already an independent thinker, aspire to become one or if you are simply curious about what makes people of an independent mindset tick, then his story will at least fascinate you and at best drive you to be the independent power of your dreams. The sort of person others look up to and respect.

Be prepared for surprises. My promptings are not what you might expect. Then again, thinking beyond the confines of conventional wisdom is the very essence of an independent mind at work!

 I am Tom Riach. I live and write in the sunny south of Portugal. Claim your special copy of – ‘Because I Feel Like It!’ – at a massive 66% introductory discount price of just $4.99 when you Click on the image below (limited period). My story is guaranteed to fire up your independent mind like never before!

Joseph Tom Riach, Author – Paperbacks and Ebooks for sale on Amazon

BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT! is an original copyright Tom Riach feature. I hope you enjoyed this presentation and found it to be of value. To learn more please visit me on my Author Page. See you there! Regards, Tom.

Power Adverts

Power adverts need to be attention-grabbing by using a mixture of graphics and strong vibrant colours and listed benefits

While I could have used provided adverts/banners etc II enjoy being creative which I believe gives a unique approach and helps to stand out from the crowd

Another advantage of creating my own graphics is I get to choose what size they will be

As I have been experimenting with my graphic software and decided to create my own promotion adverts and added a QR code rather than adding a hyperlink as I had with my business cards

I will be adding this kind of advert to my service page, for those who want a uniquely created advert or banner

Let me know what you think of the advert above through the comments

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Affiliate Disclosure

You should assume the owner of this website has an affiliate relationship and may be compensated for showing advertisements or recommending products or services, or linking to the supplier’s website.

Is your Mindset Holding You Back?

In the past “Think and Grow Rich” was a best-selling book followed by “The Power of Positive Thinking”

Then along came “The Secret” video production, which seems to be based on both of those publications, and other positive thinking books

Having read a pocket-sized version of The Secret, there was far too much content that focused on the “negative” side of thinking than the positive side.

Yet the whole point of “The Secret” was to instruct you to focus on what you really wanted out of life by using the power of positive thinking.

The main difference was you found things to be grateful for and then focused on those things you wanted, but as though you had already had them

Those who presented “The Secret” video production presented themselves as users of “The Secret” they certainly came across as highly successful and wealthy

While the “The Secret” the full video production may still be available, smaller portions can be found on YouTube featuring Bob Proctor

“The Secret” method may still work it requires effort and persistent whereas MindZoom offers the First Self-help Technology

MindZoom Can Transform Your Life with No learning curve No Time-consuming effort

Imagine if you could feed your sub-conscious positive affirmations
while performing your daily activities on your computer
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Advertising Sources

Advertising is the main source of any business whether online or offline, without it, website businesses will die

I have been busy creating Smartphone Ready Business Cards complete with QR code

There are plenty of websites that offer traffic (visitors) such as “Traffic Exchanges” & “Safelist” and of course, if you have a blog or website you can add advertisements

As I have done within my site posts, it occurred to me that I could offer an advertising page for my followers.

If an advertising page service would be of any use to anyone please comment below

I did a quick search and found that On average, bloggers charge around $175 to $5,000+ per post. Which seems way too much! What do you think?


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Two questions –

What factor is it which, more than any other, will drive you to create imaginative solutions to situations in your life or business which may be holding you back from realising your full potential?

and …

Who is the mother of Invention? Read on …

Invention lived with his mother and father in the small town of Cutting Edge in Brainchild County. With little money to spend on necessities, let alone luxury items, his dad was a jack of all trades. He hand-crafted from wood all the furniture in their log cabin home which he had himself built. Every repair around the house and outwith it he carried out too. Invention often assisted. He soon acquired his dad’s skills.

While dad was the creative labour, it was Invention’s mother who was the inspiration and driving force of the family. Strong-willed and determined it was she who saw to it that things got done. Her verve and vitality extended to her parenting. She was a strict, but fair, disciplinarian to young Invention.

His mother saw to it that to him fell the tasks of cleaning around the house, keeping the yard tidy and running errands. Willing as he was in carrying out his regular chores, Invention was also an imaginative lad and constantly seeking ways to streamline his activities. He reckoned that saving time and labour with an inventive approach provided more time for indulging his typical boyhood pursuits of playing football, going fishing and chasing girls. But it didn’t work out that way.

For whenever Invention imaginatively reduced his workload and the time spent on it, his mother found more tasks – chopping wood, painting, creating a vegetable garden – to fill the time. It was for Invention a never-ending treadmill of finding solutions to save on his time and effort only for the time saved to be intruded on by new work to attend to!

But Invention was not to be defeated. To this wider logistical difficulty of more work being added to his load each time he introduced a labour-saving solution, he also applied his imagination. His solution was a simple one. To recruit skilled assistance.

“If I can multiply myself,” he reckoned, “Then I can multiply exponentially the work I can undertake.” He also concluded that by industrialising his activities and organising them in a production line fashion of logical sequences, there’d be no double tracking or repeat handling.

Next Column …

He also formulated new technologies with the help of his gang of best friends with whom he hung out in his depressingly rare spare time. These lads were like-minded boys with vivid imaginations and determinedly mischievous.

There was Jimmy Watt who spent his days at home in the kitchen, regularly fascinated by the power of the steam rising from the boiling pan of water and lifting the heavy lid of the pan with it. Georgie Carver was a gardening whizz kid, constantly experimenting with crops and yields. Tommy Eddison liked tinkering with electricity and creating light from it. Alex Bell messed about a lot with tin cans and lengths of string through which he claimed it was possible to communicate. Henry Ford knocked together the best soap box carts anywhere in the county and Jimmy Spangler had a suction device which picked up bits of paper as if by magic. He called it a hoover.

In no time at all Invention and his crew had turned the running, repair and maintenance of Invention’s house and garden, then their own homes too, into industrial style operations of amazing efficiency. Steam power drove machines; crops of peanuts, soy and sweet potatoes thrived; electric lighting extended working hours; instant communication eradicated message carrying and speedy motor transport was available too. So effective were their solutions, the lads even had time to play football, go fishing and chase girls. Not only were they delighted, their families were too.

None more so than Invention’s mother. She was as pleased as punch and proud too of what Invention achieved. On Invention’s part, he was smart enough to realise that without his mother, all that he and his mates had achieved would not have been possible. It was her drive, determination and discipline which led Invention to finding the solutions to the situations which she insisted he attend to.

So all of these innovations came about as a result of Invention’s strict parenting. All resulted from his mum’s relentless urging. And who was his mother? What was her name? It was ‘Necessity’ of course. Yes, Necessity was the mother of Invention!

I am Tom Riach. I live and write in the sunny south of Portugal. I hope you enjoyed this sample of my work. Find all my current titles (novels and ‘personal achievement’) at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other leading book stores. Click the image below.

“From every book written by Tom Riach you will gain unique insights to success, you will laugh, you will reflect upon your own character, and sometimes you will just sit in awe of his mastery of life, business and the simply written word.” – Randy Ireland, SFI Team Leader, Sulphur Springs, Arkansas

© Joseph T. Riach 1998-present. All rights reserved.

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