Artificial intelligence

Note: I am not affiliated with “Jasper” Artificial intelligence or AI for short with the latest content writer “Jasper” according to the promotion video has read about 10% of the internet and is capable of producing original written content Ideal for bloggers or website owners and perhaps struggling book authors It sounds awesome and veryContinue reading “Artificial intelligence”


BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT! DOES everyone have independent thoughts? WHY are some people more independence minded than others? IS there a secret to knowing your own mind and standing up for your rights and beliefs? I say – ‘YES’, ‘YES’ and ‘YES’! My extraordinary story of life as just ‘an ordinary guy’ who hasContinue reading “BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT!”

Affiliate Marketers Need This Site

OfferingTools & Training You Need Including Autoresponder included For upgraded Pro+ Members Now Based on a 100% Commission Essential Information I forgot tomention As an upgraded member, you get to add moreaffiliated banners and advertise with ONE URL! You don’t need a website or blog ofyour own as you can use your unique BABO linkContinue reading “Affiliate Marketers Need This Site”

Affiliate Marketing Ideas

Idea number 1 Join like-minded groups through Facebook you will need to get approved and adhere to their site conditions Idea number 2  Search for other sites that offer commission payments  Clickbank and Amazon are not the only sites offering affiliate commission systems Idea number 3 Make full use of any blog you run orContinue reading “Affiliate Marketing Ideas”