BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT! DOES everyone have independent thoughts? WHY are some people more independence minded than others? IS there a secret to knowing your own mind and standing up for your rights and beliefs? I say – ‘YES’, ‘YES’ and ‘YES’! My extraordinary story of life as just ‘an ordinary guy’ who hasContinue reading “BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT!”

Affiliate Marketers Need This Site

OfferingTools & Training You Need Including Autoresponder included For upgraded Pro+ Members Now Based on a 100% Commission Essential Information I forgot tomention As an upgraded member, you get to add moreaffiliated banners and advertise with ONE URL! You don’t need a website or blog ofyour own as you can use your unique BABO linkContinue reading “Affiliate Marketers Need This Site”

Affiliate Marketing Ideas

Idea number 1 Join like-minded groups through Facebook you will need to get approved and adhere to their site conditions Idea number 2  Search for other sites that offer commission payments  Clickbank and Amazon are not the only sites offering affiliate commission systems Idea number 3 Make full use of any blog you run orContinue reading “Affiliate Marketing Ideas”


THE SMARTEST SMOOCHER IN TOWN by Joseph Tom Riach Sam wasn’t a good looking lad, not by any stretch. His features were more car crash than Cruise, his physique more crisis than Christiano. In terms of intellect he was not only not at the races, he got lost on his way from the stables. AndContinue reading “THE SMARTEST SMOOCHER IN TOWN”