Artificial intelligence

Note: I am not affiliated with “Jasper”

Artificial intelligence or AI for short with the latest content writer “Jasper” according to the promotion video has read about 10% of the internet and is capable of producing original written content

Ideal for bloggers or website owners and perhaps struggling book authors

It sounds awesome and very tempting to test drive the system, especially with the 10,000 words free offer, but since I have a passion for writing and sharing my experiences

Using the Jasper AI system would seem like cheating and might make me feel redundant

Although in recent years I began using the free version of “Grammarly” which has improved my lack of writing grammar.

On the whole, I allow Grammarly” to improve that lack of knowhow, but there are times when I totally disagree with the replacement of “myself” for “me” even if this makes better grammar

Will I use Jasper to write blog content?

I probably will not use Jasper for my blog content, since I get pleasure and a buzz from accepting the ongoing challenge of producing new content for my website/blog

But it might be worth joining as a free user for other projects, and testing the system out for myself

What do my readers think? Would you use Jasper for blogging content?

Feel free to reply by using the “Comments”

Just in case you want to test out Jasper for yourself

Reminder: I’m Not affiliated with the Jasper programme

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