Not All Internet Traffic is Equal !

What good are 1 Million visitors if none of them is interested in your offer, or worse if you get bots instead of real people? It would not just waste time advertising, but also a waste of money! Allows us to provide Top Quality Guaranteed Unlimited & Targeted Website Traffic We, Will, Add Your URLContinue reading “Not All Internet Traffic is Equal !”

Fake Amazon Calls

Fake Amazon Calls. Just this morning I had a phone call from Amazon (Fake)Which only respond when you say hello, not knowing who is phoning Then the automatic recorded text to speech voice, explains that a £300 payment was taken off from your credit/debit card. If you didn’t authorise this payment, please press 1 andContinue reading “Fake Amazon Calls”

Business Cards Updated

Business cards have been used as a direct person to person adverting Until someone developed or had created the proximity app, and demonstrated just how powerful it was, by going into a mobile phone store. With his smartphone loaded with his advert, set to broadcast to every phone that was switched on. As he passedContinue reading “Business Cards Updated”

Online Advice

 While online I must have clicked something, perhaps out of curiosity or due to some distraction This advice was in the form of three short PowerPoint videos, the spokesperson was not on camera The main point of his advice was, if you intended to start any kind of business, you needed to declutter, by sellingContinue reading “Online Advice”

Cash on Demand

Recently I accidentally locked my bank card, exceeding the number of PIN number entries   This was due to my mind being on something else, and entering the right number for the wrong card  The result was I could not even check my bank balance, let alone get cash out  Also, a quirky unexpected result,Continue reading “Cash on Demand”

Don’t Settle for “The New Normal”

In these present days ever since c19 struck, plunging the whole world into chaos.  Where even people who hated their 9-5 jobs before, suddenly wishing everything would get back to the old normal, and they would have their old job to go back too  Only to find restrictions became stricter, forcing them to stay atContinue reading “Don’t Settle for “The New Normal””

Important Tools for the would-be successful Affiliate Marketer

Although affiliate marketing is meant to be the easiest and most effective ways to earn money online, sadly this is misleading. While the experienced affiliate market has already reached an enviable status of success But their success was not gained without many trial & errors, repeated efforts and a great amount of time spent refiningContinue reading “Important Tools for the would-be successful Affiliate Marketer”