Weaknesses vs Strengths

We all have both weaknesses and strengths to some measure, some people have more weaknesses than strengths, or at least they convince themselves this is true

This worst case of self-pity, as will sink any hope, hinder any attempt to change

If you are prone to this way of thinking, then you need to read this and put all the instructions into action

The first step of action

Take a large writing pad and ballpoint pen and write down all your weaknesses, and list them under Negative

Don’t worry if there are many, just be honest and list them all. Don’t feel bad or disheartened

When you are unable to think of any more, start on your strengths, List under Positive

You may find this part more difficult, but don’t be put off taking your time

Even if this means having frequent breaks, and restarting at a later date (days if need be)

Make sure you list any new skills you have recently acquired on the positive side

Also, any subjects you are interested in, as they may provide you with new avenues of skills

 For a brief while go back to the negative list, and with a small notepad add ideas of how you could change a weakness into a strength or Google search how other people turned that weakness into a strength

Jot down on the positive side any solutions others came up with, or if you overcome a weakness yourself so that you might be able to offer support or help to others, this then becomes a new positive strength

Going through this process may give you a glimpse of a brighter future to come, if not the actual starting point of a brand-new character-building future

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