Why do I Write?

The why question is easy, I enjoy writing, there is another question which is What do I write?

I write assort things years ago I entered a writing contest, which I had to write about 2,000 words, that was a little daunting

But since the subject was base on a already well know story, Wind int the Willows, I found that once I desided on my title the story almost wrot itself, in fact I went over the limit

After finishing the story I entered it into the competion, sadly I didn’t win, but I was bitten with the writing bug

I went onto writing press releases in IBOtoolbox, sadly a little while back I was unable to gain access to my IBO memebership, even sader support on IBO is no longer active, I therefore participate there as a writer

Since I can no longer contribute I focus my written content within this blog, although I still comment on YouTube videos

As to the present day, I now will be writing information posts for my revamped blog, which is now a paid hosted website

Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Pexels.com

Published by grahamcommand

Retired Blog & article & press releases writer & story writer Amateur drawing / painting Artist

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