YouTube is the most visited and used video site, with thousands of video creators, with likely even more who just enjoy watching video

Some of those who create videos, rank high with their channels and have acquired a substantial income, although this may not be the reason why they continue to create videos

There are those who add a link to their website or blog within the description

In this way, they are promoting their website for free, every time they create a video

Other video creators hide all their videos from public viewers, because they run a membership-only site, and only use YouTube to host their videos

Many creators have taken to advertising on traffic exchanges, by requesting those viewing adverts to like and comment on their videos, in return, they gain advertising with the exchange they promote

I’m unsure if this method really works to gain new views or subscribers to their channel

I found a video creator who advertises with a direct link to an individual video, in hopes visitors from the exchange will watch and like the video

^ eBook series that speak ^ This channel has uploaded a great many videos on a variety of subjects, the only drawback is many uses a computer-generated voice-over, which you may find irritating

But courtesy of YouTube a Transcript is provided, which helps

More recent videos have a real person commentating on them, which makes them a lot more pleasant to watch and listen to

I wonder if the person uploading these ebooks and converting them to speech has permission (right) to use the contents in this way

If you check out any of the videos on the channel featured through the link let me know what you think in the comments

Did the computer-generated voice annoy you?

Did you watch the whole video?

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