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 Note: I am not looking for a job myself, just curious to find out I could find any and pass on information through a Facebook group

While on a Facebook page a closed group run by someone else, I came across a lady practically pleading for a real home-based job

She was not interested in multi – level marketing or anything that involved recruiting others, the only thing she wanted was genuine paid work (a Real paid Job)

As in the past I had been in that situation of looking for some way of earning money, only to end up frustrated after entering in my details to receive more information on assorted what I thought would be paid work

Then after reading this ladies request for help, I replied I had similar frustrations in the early days of searching, and so I decided to rephrase the search to “Home based Jobs”

But the results were very disappointing and not helpful at all, which inspired me to write about this problem

Since then I thought I would try again with assorted keyword searches, using websites like “Indeed” and “Reed” and “” sites  You can enter a keywork or phrase such as Home artist or Home sewing

Another site I just found is the freelance part is the key feature here, as it gives you the freedom to search for your own skill and there are real people looking to pay you if you meet their needs

Let me know if you have searched for online jobs and what success or failure you had

Please leave your comment

I appreciate all Feedback

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