Scammers Everywhere

Scammers use sneaky underhanded methods to gain unaware people’s information

Some use auto-dialling phone systems, and pre-recorded messages that only
start to play when the unexpected victim speaks

There are a number of assorted pre-recorded messages, but all seem to Claim
to be from established firms or companies

British Telecommunications was one that was used within a ploy
to unlawfully obtain private information

The pre-recorded messages informed a victim, their telephone line was
infected and the victim needed to talk to a BT advisor

But as suspected this was a fraud and nothing to do with BT, this scam was
reported many times and the phone number used black-listed

This next scam is particularly nasty, as it is aimed at elderly people
living alone

Another auto-dialling phone system is used, along with a different pre-recorded

Telling the victim, a large amount of money had been taken out of their bank

Panicking the victim into giving away personal bank details, to someone who
is Not working for any bank, but just a Scammer

As there is No mention of even what bank they are supposed to be calling
from, as they don’t even know what the victim’s name is, since all phone
numbers call are picked at random automatically

The next scam was possible triggered by a hacking attack on Twitter, the
unexpected victim while reading accumulated tweets

Hits a link which activates a redirect, allowing a Fake Microsoft Security
warning to pop up on the PC screen, “Your computer has been Blocked due to
security risk” Do Not switch off your P.C

You need to phone this phone number immediately to speak to a technical
advisor, who is Not working for Microsoft

This so-called advisor will encourage you to allow access to your PC, under
the pretence of any faults, while telling you “Your PC is running very

Once they have access, they can extra data to convince you even further, and
path the way to fooling you into paying for a supposed ongoing helpful service

If you should agree to pay, still believing you are connected to a Microsoft
technical advisor, that scammer will panic if payment is not accepted by your

They will insist you must phone your bank to tell them “It is my money
and I want to paid immediately

Which is Red Flag as the payment company which Microsoft is supposed to be
using, is NOT contacted in any way to Microsoft

To all readers be on your guard, as there will be far many more Scams, than
I have reported on in this post

If you have come across other scams, please pass on warning information on
through the comments

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