The disadvantages of owning a website

The disadvantages of owning and running a website

 The setting up process can be harder than you might imagine, even with drag & Drop sites

WordPress has become the number one to use for many people, as they offer a wide choice of templates if you use them for your hosting 

As I did with this site, but if you thing you will be able to use any and all plugin’s (like I did you will be disappointed

WordPress did give me the use of some, but I think they came under Free, and if I wanted other plugin’s I have to upgrade to a business level

More expense on top of the hosting cost, plus they didn’t offer a domain named email address

Even Google suggested a domain named email address and promoted it to me as the more professional choice

I settled for a free Gmail email address since my site is based on Free information

WordPress is far easier to use than having to learn how to use c-panel and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) which you need to use with c-panel sites

Another drawback to running your own hosted website, you are both the owner but you also become the boss in charge of finance including paying ongoing bills

 As to content this is also your responsibility, some site owners prefer to add videos while I prefer written content which can be a challenge at times

Backup copies of all the contents is also a duty of the site owner, either with automatic plugin or manual

I am considering inviting guest writers to add their content to my site, if anyone would be interested let me know in the comments

The content must be available as Free, in keeping with my site

Preferably original articles which will need to be examined by myself before being published

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