Affiliate Marketing

Affiliated Link Booster


Probably the number one choice of newbies for making money online

Mainly because you don’t need any products or services yourself, you also don’t need a website

Although owning a website has its advantages even if you are affiliate marketing

Clickbank is also the number one choice for those just beginning, due to the massive amounts of vendors (those who own products or service)

Another reason is all you need to start with Clickbank, its simple and free to join

You just create a user ID, a short nickname and your email address, and that’s all that’s needed, now you can go onto the “Marketplace”

Where you can search for products or services to promote, once you have found something you like you click on “promote” add your ID and copy the hyperlink

Next promote your link to as many places you can, sounds simple enough!

But in actual practice there is more included, which I will explain

Using the above method is the commonest mistake all new affiliate marketers make

Because using the direct link which looks ugly and long, will get little or no responses from potential buyers, and if you are to succeed you need Buyers to promote too

Many people use URL shortening sites to hide their links

This is where having a website can provide a bridge (stopping point) before taking the potential buyer to the actual sales page

The advantages of owning and running a hosted website

You can add your own adverts including affiliated banners and reviews of whatever you are promoting, although you should not sound like you are selling the product or service

Another way around this would be to have a Recommendation page, to list your favourite offers (normally the highest paying ones)

But here again Don’t overload the page with purely affiliated linked items, add some useful or Free sites

When you come across such sites add them into Notepad and save them in a file to use later to add as useful informatiion

To share is to care

Next post coming soon

The disadvantages of owning and running a website

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