Weaknesses vs Strengths

We all have both weaknesses and strengths to some measure, some people have more weaknesses than strengths, or at least they convince themselves this is true

This worst case of self-pity, as will sink any hope, hinder any attempt to change

If you are prone to this way of thinking, then you need to read this and put all the instructions into action

The first step of action

Take a large writing pad and ballpoint pen and write down all your weaknesses, and list them under Negative

Don’t worry if there are many, just be honest and list them all. Don’t feel bad or disheartened

When you are unable to think of any more, start on your strengths, List under Positive

You may find this part more difficult, but don’t be put off taking your time

Even if this means having frequent breaks, and restarting at a later date (days if need be)

Make sure you list any new skills you have recently acquired on the positive side

Also, any subjects you are interested in, as they may provide you with new avenues of skills

 For a brief while go back to the negative list, and with a small notepad add ideas of how you could change a weakness into a strength or Google search how other people turned that weakness into a strength

Jot down on the positive side any solutions others came up with, or if you overcome a weakness yourself so that you might be able to offer support or help to others, this then becomes a new positive strength

Going through this process may give you a glimpse of a brighter future to come, if not the actual starting point of a brand-new character-building future

Affiliate Marketing Ideas – coming Soon

Important Tools for the would-be successful Affiliate Marketer

Although affiliate marketing is meant to be the easiest and most effective ways to earn money online, sadly this is misleading.

While the experienced affiliate market has already reached an enviable status of success

But their success was not gained without many trial & errors, repeated efforts and a great amount of time spent refining (tweaking their system)

Important Tool #1: Your Own Website

Even a total newbie to affiliate marketing, will stand a far better chance of success, owning their own website

Although these days there many alternatives, such as setting up a Facebook page or better still Facebook membership group

What to Avoid

Never go for a Free hosted website, as this looks far from professional, a Free WordPress blog looks better, and more acceptable than one with a URL like this made up example “chosenname,freehostingUK.com”

Why don’t most affiliate marketers want to own a Website?

1: First of all, their mindset is if I’m promoting other people’s services or products through their sites, then I don’t need a website

2: Websites also require a domain name, both of these have ongoing costs

3: There are too many things to learn and remember when running a website

These are just three examinations frequently used, as to why affiliates do go for website owning

Whether or not Own Website dislike this idea, without their own site failure is more likely tan success, because they are treating their marketing as a hobby and not as a business

Therefore, the first step in any successful affiliate marketing business is building a good, credible and professional looking website.

 The website is the important starting point for all your marketing efforts, as it can be used for views or press releases of whatever you intend to promote

While always including your hidden affiliate link, which you can easily do within the review

Wherever possible acquire a free copy of the product you intend to promote, buy if need be as then you can give a honest review (perhaps no too honest) just point out the good points and some of the bad points too, which will gain you more credibility

Although it will be more profitable to find products that live up to the claims made and offer ongoing support

Whatever else you do make your website full of original, relevant and useful content.

Keep in mind that, in the internet, content is still king and good quality content which will build your credibility, and help you achieve a higher search engine ranking.


YouTube is the most visited and used video site, with thousands of video creators, with likely even more who just enjoy watching video

Some of those who create videos, rank high with their channels and have acquired a substantial income, although this may not be the reason why they continue to create videos

There are those who add a link to their website or blog within the description

In this way, they are promoting their website for free, every time they create a video

Other video creators hide all their videos from public viewers, because they run a membership-only site, and only use YouTube to host their videos

Many creators have taken to advertising on traffic exchanges, by requesting those viewing adverts to like and comment on their videos, in return, they gain advertising with the exchange they promote

I’m unsure if this method really works to gain new views or subscribers to their channel

I found a video creator who advertises with a direct link to an individual video, in hopes visitors from the exchange will watch and like the video


^ eBook series that speak ^ This channel has uploaded a great many videos on a variety of subjects, the only drawback is many uses a computer-generated voice-over, which you may find irritating

But courtesy of YouTube a Transcript is provided, which helps

More recent videos have a real person commentating on them, which makes them a lot more pleasant to watch and listen to

I wonder if the person uploading these ebooks and converting them to speech has permission (right) to use the contents in this way

If you check out any of the videos on the channel featured through the link let me know what you think in the comments

Did the computer-generated voice annoy you?

Did you watch the whole video?

Real Jobs to Do from Home


FREE Multi-Level Marketing Guide Book

Click the Link ^Above ^ to the Free Guide Book

 Note: I am not looking for a job myself, just curious to find out I could find any and pass on information through a Facebook group

While on a Facebook page a closed group run by someone else, I came across a lady practically pleading for a real home-based job

She was not interested in multi – level marketing or anything that involved recruiting others, the only thing she wanted was genuine paid work (a Real paid Job)

As in the past I had been in that situation of looking for some way of earning money, only to end up frustrated after entering in my details to receive more information on assorted what I thought would be paid work

Then after reading this ladies request for help, I replied I had similar frustrations in the early days of searching, and so I decided to rephrase the search to “Home based Jobs”

But the results were very disappointing and not helpful at all, which inspired me to write about this problem

Since then I thought I would try again with assorted keyword searches, using websites like “Indeed” and “Reed” and “jobsite.co.uk” sites

https://www.indeed.co.uk  You can enter a keywork or phrase such as Home artist or Home sewing

Another site I just found is https://www.peopleperhour.com/freelance the freelance part is the key feature here, as it gives you the freedom to search for your own skill and there are real people looking to pay you if you meet their needs

Let me know if you have searched for online jobs and what success or failure you had

Please leave your comment

I appreciate all Feedback

Scammers Everywhere

Scammers use sneaky underhanded methods to gain unaware people’s information

Some use auto-dialling phone systems, and pre-recorded messages that only
start to play when the unexpected victim speaks

There are a number of assorted pre-recorded messages, but all seem to Claim
to be from established firms or companies

British Telecommunications was one that was used within a ploy
to unlawfully obtain private information

The pre-recorded messages informed a victim, their telephone line was
infected and the victim needed to talk to a BT advisor

But as suspected this was a fraud and nothing to do with BT, this scam was
reported many times and the phone number used black-listed

This next scam is particularly nasty, as it is aimed at elderly people
living alone

Another auto-dialling phone system is used, along with a different pre-recorded

Telling the victim, a large amount of money had been taken out of their bank

Panicking the victim into giving away personal bank details, to someone who
is Not working for any bank, but just a Scammer

As there is No mention of even what bank they are supposed to be calling
from, as they don’t even know what the victim’s name is, since all phone
numbers call are picked at random automatically

The next scam was possible triggered by a hacking attack on Twitter, the
unexpected victim while reading accumulated tweets

Hits a link which activates a redirect, allowing a Fake Microsoft Security
warning to pop up on the PC screen, “Your computer has been Blocked due to
security risk” Do Not switch off your P.C

You need to phone this phone number immediately to speak to a technical
advisor, who is Not working for Microsoft

This so-called advisor will encourage you to allow access to your PC, under
the pretence of any faults, while telling you “Your PC is running very

Once they have access, they can extra data to convince you even further, and
path the way to fooling you into paying for a supposed ongoing helpful service

If you should agree to pay, still believing you are connected to a Microsoft
technical advisor, that scammer will panic if payment is not accepted by your

They will insist you must phone your bank to tell them “It is my money
and I want to paid immediately

Which is Red Flag as the payment company which Microsoft is supposed to be
using, is NOT contacted in any way to Microsoft

To all readers be on your guard, as there will be far many more Scams, than
I have reported on in this post

If you have come across other scams, please pass on warning information on
through the comments

Homebased Work

In these uncertain times, more and more people have been forced to choose to work from home, which can create a very nice income while sitting in the comfort of your home.

Why would you want to work from home? Because it seems like the perfect fit for many who wish to improve their quality of life and have more time at home.

It’s easy to see that working at home is popular because the cost to get started is minimal if any as many of the things needed most people own already

Such as a P.C. or Smartphone and internet connection, and they may already have the skill sets to do whatever is necessary.

However, before you venture into any home-based work, you need to research each one you are interested in, in order to find out what is involved

If you undertake to search for home-based work on the internet, the results will look promising at first glance, due to the sheer volume of results

Even though there appear’s to be many places offering home-based work, not all that’s on offer will be work that is truly home-based

Example: Business opportunities (biz-ops) for short, although they are advertised as home-based, many will involve travelling to “training sessions”

Which turn out to be hyped up glorifying successful promoters or product salespersons

Herbalife who used this kind of supposed training, with the only reason anyone became successful was they learned how to build a team which helped them make sales etc

The actual product was a milkshake-based health drink, in assorted flavours, to become a Herbalife Nutrition Independent distributor you must be sponsored by an existing distributor and purchase a Herbalife Nutrition International Business Pack for £36 approx.

The other downside you are encouraged to use the products yourself and wear the “Ask Me How?  Advertising badge

What about other home-based work? Amongst the many results, you will find such things as “Typing from home, Surveys Data Entry” to name a few that are frequently advertised as home-based

If there is an initial start-up fee or membership costs, next check out what actual work is involved because when anything is popular on the web nowadays there is a dark side.

Which will scam artists when you search for opportunities, they will creep in to get try and make money off You! Especially if you are new and unexperienced

That’s why it is imperative to do the research yourself or find a website that you feel comfortable will aid you in making the selection.

 On my site, I try to give my visitors a selection of what I believe to be companies that they will have a chance a success with, look for companies and websites that have been in business for years and if they have a high better business award, which means you are dealing with a trustworthy company

For more information. Please read articles on my Recommended page

Please feel free to read other articles on my site and leave a comment.

 Your feedback is important to me.

WordPress VS Website

The setting up process can be harder than you might imagine, even with drag & Drop sites which don’t always work the way you want them to

WordPress has become the number one to use for many people, as they offer a wide choice of templates if you use them for your hosting 

As I did with this site, but if you think you will be able to use any and all plugins (like I did you will be disappointed!

WordPress provides the basic plugins for Free, but in order to use plugins I would need to upgrade to a business level

This involves expenses on top of the hosting cost, which includes a domain-based email address

Even Google suggested a domain name email address and promoted it to me as the more professional choice

But I settled for a free Gmail email address since my site is based on Free information

WordPress is far easier to use than having to learn how to use c-panel and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) which you need to use with c-panel sites

Another drawback to running your own hosted website, you are both the owner but you also become the boss in charge of finance including paying for advertising

 As to content, this is also your responsibility, some site owners prefer to add videos while I prefer written content which can be a challenge at times

Backup copies of all the contents are also a duty of the site owner, either with an automatic plugin or manual

I am considering inviting guest writers to add their content to my site, if anyone would be interested let me know in the comments

The content must be available for Free, in keeping with my site

Preferably original articles which will need to be examined by myself before being published

Click the image above the check out what Worldprofit has to offer

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliated Link Booster


Probably the number one choice of newbies for making money online

Mainly because you don’t need any products or services yourself, you also don’t need a website

Although owning a website has its advantages even if you are affiliate marketing

Clickbank is also the number one choice for those just beginning, due to the massive amounts of vendors (those who own products or service)

Another reason is all you need to start with Clickbank, its simple and free to join

You just create a user ID, a short nickname and your email address, and that’s all that’s needed, now you can go onto the “Marketplace”

Where you can search for products or services to promote, once you have found something you like you click on “promote” add your ID and copy the hyperlink

Next promote your link to as many places you can, sounds simple enough!

But in actual practice there is more included, which I will explain

Using the above method is the commonest mistake all new affiliate marketers make

Because using the direct link which looks ugly and long, will get little or no responses from potential buyers, and if you are to succeed you need Buyers to promote too

Many people use URL shortening sites to hide their links

This is where having a website can provide a bridge (stopping point) before taking the potential buyer to the actual sales page

The advantages of owning and running a hosted website

You can add your own adverts including affiliated banners and reviews of whatever you are promoting, although you should not sound like you are selling the product or service

Another way around this would be to have a Recommendation page, to list your favourite offers (normally the highest paying ones)

But here again Don’t overload the page with purely affiliated linked items, add some useful or Free sites

When you come across such sites add them into Notepad and save them in a file to use later to add as useful informatiion

To share is to care

Next post coming soon

The disadvantages of owning and running a website

Working from home jobs ideas

Freelancing which is where you work for other people as an independent payable person, with the freedom to choose what kind of work you do

Freelance Ideas

Most of these ideas can do done through freelancing sites or your own site if you have one or it maybe even eBay

Design work, which can cover banner or adverts creation

Writing service, for those who lack the time or skill to compose original content for blogs or website and even eBooks

Music composition creating original music tracks for website owners, or even a complete song to sell to budding singers or groups

Local based work at home ideas

These ideas involve traveling from your home to your customers home, and back afterwards, a small van would be needed with a sign on the side with your service you offer and phone number

This will act as an advert wherever you travel, printed business card will add a professional touch

Gardening service where you offer to tidy up other people’s gardens, mowing grass, trimming bushes, or planting out shrubs / bushes / trees / bulbs

Painting and decorating, you will need to suitable equipment, paint brushes / overalls / paint rollers /paste board, depending on the fulness of the service you offer

You will also need a professional style van to carry the required tools for whatever work has been ordered, the van should also have professional sign on both sides, as mobile advertisement

Dog walking service, only If you are keen on walking and like dogs, no special tools required, you could use your normal car for traveling, although using a professional sytle van will give a business impression

Business card will still be useful for advertising., leave a few with satisfied customers, ask them to pass them onto any friends with dogs

Please like and leave a comment if you found this useful

Work form Home1

Help for working from home

Welcome to my new site, only just live online still undergoing alterations and content being added

Feel free to comment or offer subjects which you think might be useful to you and other readers

Please note all comments will be reviewed before adding to my sites comment section

Backlinks maybe allowed at my discretion

Working from home what’s involved

The first important point to note, is you will become self-employed and your own boss

Which may sound awesome as you can set your own working hours, but this may then involve working more than the average 9 – 5 hours

You also have to pay yourself, but possibly well after paying all expenses, which means your wages might have to set your own wages at a lower rate than when you were working 9 – 5 a job

Working hours will need to be set, along with frequent breaks need to be included

Depending what kind of work you decide to do from home, you may need to make. such as designating one room in your house purley for work

Especially if the work you decide on requires office space, also needing office equipment such as a desk and a comfortable chair, when many hours of sitting is required

You may also need a PC or laptop and printer, if only for order details – invoices and bill printing,  and since you will need to do frequent research you will need reliable internet connection

Assorted software to enable you to run your business efficiently, plus printing paper – notbook or notepads  or sticky notes – biro-ballpoint pens for jotting phone numbers or ideas or even website login information as backup in case of virus infection to you PC or Laptop

You may decide on having a dedicated landline phone just for business working hours only, but a mobile or smartphone could be use instead, since the numbers tend to be long and impressive, so they lend themselves to a business appearance

The plus to using either mobile or Smartphone is they can be taken with you when you travel away from home, saving the need for answering service

But should never when you are driving a car

One advantage of using a Smartphone is you also run your business using them, including researching and adding content

Ideas for what work you could do at home Coming Soon

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