Affiliate Marketer Mistakes

There are many affiliate marketers who use a direct link to a sales page, without even disguising their affiliate link otherwise known as cloaking

While using direct links is allowed on traffic exchanges and other traffic sites. it’s doubtful they will gain affiliate commission payments using this method

While you can find sites that provide a tool to shrink and hide ugly affiliated links, what is really needed is a bridge page or capture page where you can offer a Free gift, the page allows you to build a mailing list

I know that many affiliated marketers don’t have access to tools or knowledge to able to create any pages, but there is a way around this problem

By writing a unique article and not copying from anywhere else for the best results

Within your article can add your affiliated link hidden within the contents and make it a click-enabled link

Another alternative for those who are poor at writing, videos can be used to replace articles (posts)

This will require posting regularly uploaded videos on YouTube and inserting you shorter link in the description

Whichever method your use you will also need items of interest to attract visitors to your blog, to stand any chance of anyone clicking on affiliated links

Make use of affiliated banners which will have your affiliated encoded

Free-hosted WordPress, may not allow the use of HTML code

You can get around that problem, by uploading the banner image, and highlighting and adding your link

Linked Banner Example Below

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