Fake Amazon Calls

Fake Amazon CallsJust this morning I had a phone call from Amazon (Fake)Which only responses when you say hello, not knowing who is phoning

Then the automatic recorded text to speech voice, explains that a £300 payment was taken off from your credit/debit card.

If you didn’t authorise this payment, please press 1 and speak to one of our advisors I know this was a FAKE and Not off Amazon, as someone I knew had one on these calls and they didn’t have an account or shop through Amazon

Similar messages are used posing as British Telecom, with the slight variation of informing the receiver that their internet connection is infected with a virus, and they need press 1 to speak with an advisor

My adice is Never bother pressing number 1

As the only thing these people are experts at, is tricking people out of thier money

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Retired Blog & article & press releases writer & story writer Amateur drawing / painting Artist

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