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Subliminal messages on your pc

Business cards have been used as a direct person to person adverting

Until someone developed or had created the proximity app, and demonstrated just how powerful it was, by going into a mobile phone store.

With his smartphone loaded with his advert, set to broadcast to every phone that was switched on.

As he passed by the advert signal from the proximity app, which caused his advert to display, he was delighted with the result, since all phones responded.

Although I expect the store owners would have been happy, they might have formated all the phones to remove his advert.

If he intended to into busy shopping centres to broadcast his advert to as many people’s phones, then he would be guilty of spamming.

At a later date, that idea popped back into my mind, but I wanted to use printed business cards, as I had designed my own printable business card containing the URL to each of my sites, I became aware that most people would disregard them as too much effort typing out long website addresses.

I did play with the idea of shortening the URLs but was still not happy with that idea

Sometime later I saw shop window notices featuring QR codes, (light bulb moment) I could use QR codes inserted on my business, it would provide a positive and non-invasive way of advertising

Sample card below, feel free to test it out with your smartphone


Click Image Below as Alternative to Claim Offer

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Subliminal messages on your pc

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