To all those who were sucked into OnPassive at the cost of $99, as I joined during 2018

Mainly because I didn’t bother to find out the truth about Passive income, thinking all I needed to do was just invest that $99 and then do nothing!

I went back into the member’s area several times after joining and began watching a supposed training webinar

The length of the introduction was excessively long, with little promise of getting into actual training

At one visit I notice how the number of those joining and of course paying had increased since my last visit and rising all the time

I commented on the fact that joining was supposed to be Limited, and yey there was No signs of a lunch date even being mentioned

I got a LOT of angry feedback from other members because I had dared to suggest the owner of this system was the only one making money!

I could have responded to the angry comments, I could have also requested a refund but chose not to, and close my membership and deleted all details

But recently my email inbox has been flooded by adverts promoting GoPassive, with the urgent notice that GoFounders will launch soon!

Recruiting others into this system seemed to be the only way you can earn money, but only if they become a paid member

After 4 Years since GoPassive began and promising the launch of GoFounders and still No sign of anything happening

My advice is to Steer clear of the Scam system, or if you are already a paid member, demand a Refund until you get it

Just in case you think I’m being over picky or resentful, you need to read the two reviews below from other independent sites



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