Why Build a List??

Recently I had an email from Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

The subject was I thought a somewhat strange question

Subject: Why Do You Want to be Rich?

I actually don’t want to become rich in the sense of becoming a millionaire, but I wanted to earn extra income, due to early retirement

I suppose I could have replied to that email, rather than writing this blog post

But I doubt Robert would have taken the time to even open my reply, not because he is uncaring

But he is a very busy online businessman, what with making videos and marketing, as well as using email to promote his list

Yes, I am on one of his lists, as expect Robert has many list, it the main part of his online business

As list building is where the most money can be made, or so I have read and hear on many videos made by other marketers

One thing most, if not all marketers don’t tell you, is just how to build your list

With that in mind, I will attempt to break down

Tools Needed

Autoresponder where to store all the names and email addresses of subscribers

Capture pages, where visitors add their details, and themselves to your list

Splash pages – a large window that is used to promote a service or product, or promotion

Landing page, which is the same as a capture page

Free gifts to offer visitors to encourage them to enter their details

Even if you have all these tools you will need time to learn how to use them, including writing several response letters and newsletter content, which need to provide useful information to keep the readers opening and reading what you send

The art of success with this system is to keep your readers happy and not bombard them with sales pitches (sales copy) those types of emails should be done sparingly or you run the risk of losing subscribers

I have all of the above-mentioned tools I can use, but as yet have not mastered the talent of providing suitable content for a newsletter

Once I have learnt that necessary skill, I would be able to make full use of the independent autoresponder, which means I need to find online training that deals with autoresponders and what kind of content to use

To check out Worldprofit for yourself Click Here

If any reader finds it a problem to leave a comment or would prefer to leave an email

Feel Free to use this email lotsoffreeinformation@gmail.com to contact – surgest or comment

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