Cash on Demand

Recently I accidentally locked my bank card, exceeding the number of PIN number entries  

This was due to my mind being on something else, and entering the right number for the wrong card 

The result was I could not even check my bank balance, let alone get cash out 

Also, a quirky unexpected result, was I was unable to pay for shopping with my card at a local shop swipe machine 

The days that followed found me searching for loose change to pay for small shopping items until I could solve this locked payment card problem 

Which lead me to search on the internet for ways to gain or earn actual cash 

Not as easy as I thought it might be, most sites it was commission payments only

I tried altering my search with terms like “cash in hand work” and “Jobs for cash”  

While all my searches brought back pages of results, none of them offered real actual money 

Even being a freelancer require a PayPal account or other payment processing system 

While PayPal is efficient at taking payments from your bank, it’s not always that good at transferring money into your bank, as I know from experience 

Many online businesses had their PayPal account closed, with accumulated money forfeited 

I continued to search for ways to gain CASH but found nothing available online 

I would be interested to know if any reader has found ways to acquire actual cash 

Please feel free to comment on this subject 

Ruby Solo

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