Phone Scammers

Recently I had been online and had chosen to purchase something that sounded interesting.

But for some reason, the payment failed to go through, which left me expecting a phone call from my bank to question if I had intended to buy or if I had been scammed

Just at that moment, the phone rang and a recorded message said my card had been used to make two payments of a large amount

Then instructed me to “Press One to speak to an advisor” Fortunately I was not asked for the full card details and at some point in the conversation I was told they would close my account and set up a new one.

But when I was told that I needed to go to my bank and make a withdrawal I realised this was a scam and ended the call

As if my bank account had just been closed there would be no way to withdraw money

Feeling a little foolish for even falling for the “Speak to one of our advisors” ploy

I felt it my duty to warn my readers to beware of this scam and provide details

I found the phone number on my phone display and used “who called me” with these results

 020 3996 4044 is a landline number that has been identified as a credit card scam, located in London (UK)

 The summary of detected keywords found in the reports is as follows: scam (4 times), credit card (2 times),

 credit (2 times), bank (1 time), recorded message (1 time)

 Overall statistics User Reputation: Negative Number of searches: 80

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