Clickbank Problem

Is it just me or has anyone else had this problem?

I have used Clickbank as an affiliate for quite some while when I set up my affiliate account through Hotmail. But over time lost my logging-in details, mainly my password

I then requested a reset password using my Hotmail and waited. NOTHING happened!

I thought it might be a Hotmail fault, so I created another Clickbank account this time using a Gmail account, which seemed more complicated than I remember Clickbank being

I had to enter a valid telephone number, which only worked if the correct country code was selected first, which was not mentioned in any instructions

Next, a high-level secure password which had to include at least 2 symbols such as $ & # and others

When all of this was done, I was instructed I needed to read the terms of service

WARNING there is an AWFUL lot, most of which are very legalistic and hard to understand

Just to frustrate me even more, there were links within this LONG document which took me to yet another lengthy policy page

After much time and frustration of re-entering information, I was able to click the CONTINUE button

Only to find there was a piece of information I was not asked for and that was a NICKNAME!

Eager to get into my new account I entered the missing nickname

I went to the Clickbank website once again as I had set up my account my details were already there ready for me to log in

But yet again I was informed I had entered the wrong nickname or email was not recognised!!!

 Is it just me or has anyone else had this problem?

Please use the comments and respond to this request for help article

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