Online Advice

 While online I must have clicked something, perhaps out of curiosity or due to some distraction

This advice was in the form of three short PowerPoint videos, the spokesperson was not on camera

The main point of his advice was, if you intended to start any kind of business, you needed to declutter, by selling everything that was not needed or useful to your future business

He suggested two sites you could sell on, eBay or Craigslist, while I agreed keeping unused clutter can slow you do from doing anything in life

As even if you can’t readily see clutter, it will weigh you down in the back of your mind, with the guilt of not taking action to decrease the clutter

But as to eBay and Craigslist, both have their drawbacks.

To become an eBay seller still requires you to get high feedback from buying items and paying promptly and you are not allowed to sell that item anywhere else,

Including selling the item from your home as with large items too big or heavy to post

Secondly, in order to sell, you need to choose the right listing, write accurate descriptions and provide serval photo images of the item

Then decide whether to sell as a “Bid or “Buy Now” item, and set a start or buy price

Next, you need to visit your sale item posting often, to be able to respond promptly, when the item is sold

Next dispatch the item by post without any delay, in order to keep your seller rating

Also providing a tracking service, so the buyer can check how soon the bought item will arrive

A “Thank you for your purchase” note and offer of support are also important

As to Craigslist, it’s less complicated to use and you can choose a local to you location, as it can involve meeting in public or having buyers coming to your home

Cash can be exchanged for the sold item at the arranged meeting place

Although both eBay and Craigslist, accept PayPal payments, for buyers or sellers to use

A popular alternative to both is Facebook Marketplace, one drawback is your personal page will be linked to Facebook Marketplace account

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