Money vs Information

If you were asked, which would you prefer, Money or Information?

 I expect most viewers to that question would say MONEY

After all, that’s why I started online in the first place, you may add

I have to agree, as making money was my only reason for coming online, but it turns out making money online is NOT as easy as it seems, unlike all those flashy adverts

Offering Instant riches or Push button simple systems, which you can’t gain access to until you enter your details, to gain the requested information

One of the reasons I started my Free information website, was to provide No cost information

Not that I don’t also add adverts on my site that require personal information, as this hopefully may lead to supporting the running cost of my site

While money is much sort after, I now think that Information is of Higher value

As the value of actual money rises and falls frequently, even within a day

You only have to look at the price of food these days, compared to only a few years back

Let alone more expensive items such as cars and petrol to run them

Whereas Information can increase in value, by teaching you something you don’t know “How to Do” or guiding you into a new and potential profitable skill

Information can also guide you away from scams, or unprofitable ventures

The actual process of learning from information can boost your brainpower, both capacity and memory, and may stave of the effects of Alzheimer’s

Never stop learning, by keeping your mind Active and thirsting for new information

Published by grahamcommand

Retired Blog & article & press releases writer & story writer Amateur drawing / painting Artist

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