100% Automatic Done for You systems?

While the title and explanation of what is offered may sound very appealing

Through many emails and advertisements when online, I have come across many variations of so-called “Done for You” systems

One common feature apart from the eye-catching title, which is the main reason behind offering a “done for you” system

Which in most cases has been acquiring names and email addresses (building a marketing list) which they are then able to recommend (sell other items to anyone on their list

The common feature has been those who offer a “Done for You” system is affiliated linked to whatever they are promoting, within the “Done for You” system”

So, for them it’s a “Win-Win” situation for them, they get to build their list and get others working for them, increasing their chances of becoming a super affiliate, and therefore increasing their income

 The 100% Done for You, is a nonsense statement, as even if you join of one these “100% Done for You” systems and gain money, you will have Done some WORK, by promoting their system therefore you have deleted at least 1% percentage off that 100% which was supposed to do be doing everything for you!

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