What is an e-book?

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e-book is a eltric book which can be read onassortment of devices

Adobe invented the PDF, portable document format, making the finished document easy to share Later on the PDF become the first e-book, and the same system became widely used and still in use today 

Creating e-books 

To begin creating e-books you will need a word processor, such as Microsoft Word or Open Office 

The next step after opening up the software and a blank document, it to type in some content 

The other alternative is to make us of any PRL articles you may have, if you use this method, it is advisable to rewrite it into your own style and words 

At the very least alter the title and rearrange some of the sentences, making sure it still makes sense 

Inserting images can help to break the document up, be sure you have the right to use all images used, if you don’t have any, I the site below that allow you to use the images under creative common’s licence 


https://pixabay.com/  Pixabay License  

Free for commercial use  
No attribution required 

Of course, if you are artistic talented you could design your own using a paint type of software, or a graphic creation software, which ever method you decide on, to make the finished book look professional always add a cover image, one that identifies with the subject 

The book: 

Having decided on what your book is going to be about and either written or rewrote the contents and the images, you will need to turn it into a PDF 

Which is easy enough to do with Word, just one of the productive tools of Microsoft suite, though expressive, the other option is Open Office 

This has a similar assortment of tools, offered as a Free download, although donation support is appreciated 

The final stages of producing an e-book will be having somewhere to hosted it, this is so it will be online for downloading, after payment for which you will need a payment processor 

Unless you intend to give it away for FREE!

Why Would You Give Away an eBook?

You will have quickly realised just how much work is involved in
producing one e-book 

In which case why would anyone who has worked hard to produce just
one e-book and then give it away for Free? 

The answer is simple in most cases, to build a mailing list of
readers whom you might be able to turn into buyers 

But there is more to giving away your carefully crafted eBook, by
giving it away for free without requiring email details, sets you apart from other

By giving away something of high value you will set yourself as a
generous marketer and a knowledgeable Guru, increasing trust in all

If you dislike the amount of research and production work that goes into
producing e-books, then go to my “Services” page.

Where I offer a complete done for You e-book service

Feel free to comment, your feedback is important to me

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