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DOES everyone have independent thoughts?

WHY are some people more independence minded than others?

IS there a secret to knowing your own mind and standing up for your rights and beliefs?

I say – ‘YES’, ‘YES’ and ‘YES’!

My extraordinary story of life as just ‘an ordinary guy’ who has profited from a lifetime of determinedly being my own man, describes how it’s done with quick and simple ways to practically transform yourself from being one of the crowd into an independently assertive hero bossing your own thoughts and opinions.

As an entrepreneur I have lived a lifetime of independent self-determination, of making my own way in the world, of being my own boss. I live a life free of intellectual or physical interference, propaganda and mindless chatter. Very few possess similar experience.

Because I Feel Like It!’ is my account of how I tackle the challenge of being my own man, of being determinedly independent in thought and action. With professional insights, personal views and fun stories, I show how my observations, real life experiences and conclusions will help you to do likewise.

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Whether you are already an independent thinker, aspire to become one or if you are simply curious about what makes people of an independent mindset tick, then his story will at least fascinate you and at best drive you to be the independent power of your dreams. The sort of person others look up to and respect.

Be prepared for surprises. My promptings are not what you might expect. Then again, thinking beyond the confines of conventional wisdom is the very essence of an independent mind at work!

 I am Tom Riach. I live and write in the sunny south of Portugal. Claim your special copy of – ‘Because I Feel Like It!’ – at a massive 66% introductory discount price of just $4.99 when you Click on the image below (limited period). My story is guaranteed to fire up your independent mind like never before!

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BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT! is an original copyright Tom Riach feature. I hope you enjoyed this presentation and found it to be of value. To learn more please visit me on my Author Page. See you there! Regards, Tom.

Published by Joseph Tom Riach

I am essentially introvert, so get much of my energy from being alone. I hate small talk and large groups. I'd rather listen and think than speak, and write rather than talk. I rarely answer the phone. Fortunately the online world suits me, I can attract an audience and connect with readers while still spending time alone ... and writing! As a young man it took me some years to establish myself in business but I believe that in life only the most resolute of triers will prevail. After several years of a bank account in a permanent state of cardiac arrest my perseverance began to pay! I achieved success as a Business Consultant, Investment Adviser and award-winning Salesperson and Marketing Professional. I coined the term 'creative solutions' to describe my work in devising and implementing innovative approaches to situations in business, commerce and industry (some call it trouble-shooting). From my successes I grew my own group of small companies. Today I host my 'Wake Up Leisure and Learning Breaks', personal mentoring and business guidance, in the calm and tranquility of the sunny south of Portugal and indulge my passion for writing. I am the author of the mystery novel 'Too Early For A Glass Of Wine?' and several best selling books in the self-help, business and successful living genres.

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