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OWN YOUR OWN FUTURE by Joseph Tom Riach

My firm belief is that in order to own your own future you must become your own boss. You must work for yourself. There is no other way.

Sure, there are those of you who work for corporations, companies and employers and enjoy varying degrees of ‘success’ and autonomy – but none of you decide exactly what work you will do, when and where you will do it and how much you will be remunerated for your efforts.

And these four factors –

* Choice …. * Time … * Location … * Reward …

– are what determine whether it is you or someone else who owns your future.

Look at it this way. Would you in life generally – Accept an existence in which you had no say over what you could or could not do each day? Be happy to be instructed as to what your actions should or should not be?

Do you understand that time, as in real life time, is your most precious asset?

Why would you give it away to a third party or tolerate being told when and how you must use it? Why would you exchange it for a paltry financial return fixed by someone else and never remotely close to its real value? … time is in fact invaluable.

Why would you accept rewards, usually just material and therefore largely worthless, which fall far below your own valuation of your own self worth and your expectation of what you deserve from life?

The answers to all those questions should be the same resounding – “I would not accept that!”

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So, if you would not accept those criteria in your life generally then why accept them in your place of work? It is only by rejecting them in your working life that you can ensure that you enjoy the freedom of choice, use of your own time and reward for your efforts that you demand from life generally.

Know who you are, believe what your spirit tells you, think accordingly, say what you think and act as you say. As such you become a person to be respected and looked up to. One whose destiny is firmly in your own hands. There is no greater personal fulfillment than thinking freely, speaking candidly and acting in your own best interests. It is the ultimate reward of being self employed.

Only as your own boss setting the working conditions that suit you and meet your own requirements as regards choice, self-determination and the rewards of quality life as well as material gain, can you be sure to experience in life generally all the happiness and joy which is your birthright.

Only when fully in control of your choices, your time and your rewards can you truly control your life and all that results in it.

Only then can you own your own future.

I am Tom Riach. I live and write in the sunny south of Portugal. I hope you enjoyed this sample of my work. Find ‘The Secret World Of Self Employment’ and all my current titles (novels and ‘personal achievement’) at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other leading book stores. Click the image below.

“From every book written by Tom Riach you will gain unique insights to success, you will laugh, you will reflect upon your own character, and sometimes you will just sit in awe of his mastery of life, business and the simply written word.” – Randy Ireland, SFI Team Leader, Sulphur Springs, Arkansas

© Joseph T. Riach 1998-present. All rights reserved.

Published by Joseph Tom Riach

I am essentially introvert, so get much of my energy from being alone. I hate small talk and large groups. I'd rather listen and think than speak, and write rather than talk. I rarely answer the phone. Fortunately the online world suits me, I can attract an audience and connect with readers while still spending time alone ... and writing! As a young man it took me some years to establish myself in business but I believe that in life only the most resolute of triers will prevail. After several years of a bank account in a permanent state of cardiac arrest my perseverance began to pay! I achieved success as a Business Consultant, Investment Adviser and award-winning Salesperson and Marketing Professional. I coined the term 'creative solutions' to describe my work in devising and implementing innovative approaches to situations in business, commerce and industry (some call it trouble-shooting). From my successes I grew my own group of small companies. Today I host my 'Wake Up Leisure and Learning Breaks', personal mentoring and business guidance, in the calm and tranquility of the sunny south of Portugal and indulge my passion for writing. I am the author of the mystery novel 'Too Early For A Glass Of Wine?' and several best selling books in the self-help, business and successful living genres.

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