Home-based work 

For those who dislike or are hopeless at recruiting, as most opportunities if not all involve recruiting other in order to gain any income  

  Most everyday people just want or need to earn some extra cash, and have no knowledge about marketing and likely they don’t want to learn how     

In which cases let’s put all biz ops to one side, and setting up websites or starting a business  

   Let’s pretend nobody owns a pc or laptop, smartphones etc, is there anything those seeking extra income could do without the normal accepted devices     

In fact, let’s do a bit of time travel back in time, way before all of those items including the internet were invented     

Smart people of the day used typewriters to write instruction manuals, and photocopy the finished master copy  

   Then advertised in local newspapers, in the classified section, offering free information which was most times a well-crafted advert sheet, and explaining what’s involved without  giving too much away  

With a space for name and address details and instructions of the payment and cost, the payment was normally asked for postal order or cheque or even cash! 

The whole system was known as “Mail order” as everything was processed through mail delivery post, later to be nicknamed “Snail mail” 

Even though the mail order system is outdated, some online marketers still use the mail order system and snail mail to promote online offers

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Retired Blog & article & press releases writer & story writer Amateur drawing / painting Artist

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